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microbblog Anonymous 07/15/21(Thu)21:07:52 No. fpen-HD1ALFOR [Report]

debating my next move

Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)00:30:47 No. fpen-8ONL9OFH [Report] >>fpen-4M5QU7E6

>>fpen-HD1ALFOR (OP) that's an straw man (you lost the debate)

Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)00:49:16 No. fpen-4M5QU7E6 [Report]

>>fpen-8ONL9OFH 🦟

Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)02:33:06 No. fpen-DSJOWPLL [Report] >>fpen-R1QJLKLO

>>fpen-HD1ALFOR (OP) woah he's cute :flushe:

Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)13:32:37 No. fpen-R1QJLKLO [Report]

>>fpen-DSJOWPLL yeah i like him it's a nice drawing

Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)18:13:07 No. 562PN4KM [Report]

>>fpen-HD1ALFOR (OP) so cute! *kiss* *nuzzle*

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