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ligma balls 2021-07-09T21:46:43Z No. QCVNK68F [Report]

https://github.com/microsoft/L/issues/10 new pogger language from microsoft

Anonymous 2021-07-09T23:09:18Z No. fg-NQWDST5M [Report]

>>QCVNK68F (OP) based microsoft looks promising

Anonymous 2021-07-11T09:16:08Z No. fg-BH5IKWZ8 [Report]


Anonymous 2021-07-23T10:18:21Z No. fg-0L83QJKJ [Report]

>>QCVNK68F (OP) >reddit meme >twitch meme Can't you talk like a nomral person?

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battle station general /bsg/ Anonymous 2021-01-17T11:58:53Z No. fg-9FB213B7 [Report]

post em

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Anonymous 2021-07-09T05:31:57Z No. fg-YSTQCMQP [Report] >>4U5YY4BY >>fg-JQS231K2

>>fg-9FB213B7 (OP)

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Anonymous 2021-07-09T05:32:50Z No. fg-92PXGH3I [Report] >>4U5YY4BY

>>fg-9FB213B7 (OP)

Anonymous 2021-07-09T08:36:45Z No. 4U5YY4BY [Report]

>>fg-YSTQCMQP >>fg-92PXGH3I Fuck you two. Very nice

File IMG_20210709_140221749.jpg (2336144)
Anonymous 2021-07-09T18:03:25Z No. XQ03Z2PO [Report]

computerbox af

Anonymous 2021-07-10T23:17:01Z No. fg-JQS231K2 [Report]

>>fg-YSTQCMQP I really need to get my classic II working. She chimes but the display is wonky (not checkerboard but I need to replace the two ICs on the analog board I think).

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Anonymous 2021-06-24T19:37:22Z No. fg-N15EU2P3 [Report]

how do I find other fchan(nel) instances? whener i search for fchan all i get is furfag shit, and unrelated shit when i search fchannel. is there a website that has fchan(nel) instances indexed?

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Anonymous 2021-07-04T22:33:33Z No. fg-DKSR39GY [Report] >>fg-ON7DL8WB >>fg-EOMMAGQB

>>fg-N15EU2P3 (OP) I use fchan because it is the most up to date version of the chan and currently the other chan doesn't have boards that interesting to me. Maybe when it is mature and stable enough I'll start using other instance as well.

Anonymous 2021-07-05T14:43:54Z No. fg-ON7DL8WB [Report] >>fg-EOMMAGQB

>>fg-DKSR39GY nigga there are only like 5 boards total and half of them are mirrored across all instances what interesting boards are you talking about?

Anonymous 2021-07-05T15:21:10Z No. fg-EOMMAGQB [Report]

>>fg-DKSR39GY >currently the other chan doesn't have boards that interesting to me Unless you means other chans besides Fchan + other instances this is nothing. >>fg-ON7DL8WB I think all the most active boards here are federated between the instances

Anonymous 2021-07-09T23:18:43Z No. fg-LCBE2B7B [Report]

it would be really cool if there was an fchannel client where you could swap between servers easily

Anonymous 2021-07-09T23:37:52Z No. 5FQ26A5H [Report]

>>fg-N15EU2P3 (OP) ask devchad to make a /shill/ board for people making other fedichan instances i alreayd did but yea

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Making Money Ethically Anonymous 2021-07-07T08:52:39Z No. 6NRK9EYE [Report]

Anons, tech is used to steal personal information and the internet became a gargantuan shopping mall. In these days of darkness, how can a software developer make a living without being a total ass? From what I see, web development and mobile video game development are already out of question...

Anonymous 2021-07-07T09:24:56Z No. fg-6BJ7GWH6 [Report]

>>6NRK9EYE (OP) Make useful software and don't license them under the cuck licenses, like GPL, BSD, MIT

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fchannel-mapper Anonymous 2021-07-05T17:52:10Z No. KSYEH3HP [Report]

what is this? umu

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Anonymous 2021-07-05T17:57:14Z No. ME4XEXEE [Report]


Anonymous 2021-07-05T18:04:31Z No. fg-Q73E2ER5 [Report] >>O047ZIMY

>>KSYEH3HP (OP) explain this black magic

Anonymous 2021-07-05T18:27:30Z No. O047ZIMY [Report] >>V68U51MF

>>fg-Q73E2ER5 http access log

Anonymous 2021-07-05T19:59:32Z No. V68U51MF [Report]

>>O047ZIMY tough luck i refuse to believe this. give me another theory

Anonymous 2021-07-05T20:23:08Z No. fg-HABV8ULW [Report]

>>KSYEH3HP (OP) The user-agent string for someone's script to map fchannel instances. You can see it in /b/

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ONLINE IRC 2021-07-05T14:52:45Z No. UIPZOUKV [Report]

IRC WEB CHAT ON LINE https://2hu-ch.org/_irc/?channels=lokinet

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Anonymous 2021-07-05T18:49:10Z No. 63W7WGH1 [Report]

>>fg-BIWNBUOB lokinet is an IP packet onion router that provides a VPN tunnel as an interface with an original codebase.

Anonymous 2021-07-05T18:50:05Z No. 7IKZFB9F [Report]

>>fg-QEWTBU0Z tor is CIA/navy lokinet is Mossad

Anonymous 2021-07-05T19:12:47Z No. 1XHXCIUE [Report]

matrix is webshit made by pedos for pedos

Anonymous 2021-07-05T19:58:47Z No. SUGWX87P [Report] >>XYH87A0L

>>fg-BIWNBUOB kill yourself

Anonymous 2021-07-05T20:07:15Z No. XYH87A0L [Report]

>>SUGWX87P the jews did this

File: DC++.PNG(96523)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T07:32:05Z No. fg-07A745EE [Report]

Reject torrent, Return to P2P. Take the DC++ pill.

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Anonymous 2021-07-04T17:52:00Z No. fg-T28LVDG1 [Report]

>>fg-C3F5CCDB aMule does

Anonymous 2021-07-04T23:35:51Z No. fg-P4XI3CBQ [Report] >>fg-A2E62CWC

>>fg-WO5LBGE5 I don't know why it is not more popular

Anonymous 2021-07-05T00:49:58Z No. fg-A2E62CWC [Report] >>fg-6WKZN0WV

>>fg-P4XI3CBQ I think the community scares some people away and normies have the knowledge of torrents so they assume its all there is. Plus you have to do port forwarding which removes non-tech savvy + people who don't wanna google/deal with the hassle Thats what makes it good tho imo

Anonymous 2021-07-05T14:42:56Z No. fg-6WKZN0WV [Report] >>fg-SIS6R2KE

>>fg-A2E62CWC >you have to do port forwarding this is retarded and probably the only reason its not more popular

Anonymous 2021-07-05T14:45:32Z No. fg-SIS6R2KE [Report]

>>fg-6WKZN0WV also >>>>propietary :heyface:

File: soulless.jpg(279374)
Anonymous 2021-07-03T13:04:07Z No. fg-FIDV40Q2 [Report]

Since when is this...

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Anonymous 2021-07-03T19:26:09Z No. fg-FK3KM4HR [Report]

>>fg-ZNXLIUZI its the flat/minimal (┬┐clean?) design that took over.

File what-is-neumorphism.png (66851)
Anonymous 2021-07-03T23:50:45Z No. fg-M3UDGVUK [Report] >>fg-Z3LYXJFT >>fb-H5P2MYKU

>>fg-WK8IYQW0 this design style is called Skeuomorphism, emulating the look of a physical object. >>fg-FIDV40Q2 (OP) is obviously flat or material design. The idea is to make important UI elements very obvious for the end user by reducing clutter. Now, there is a new trend coming along returning to skeuomorphism like style, it's called neumorphism. Picrelated is an example. We will probably be seeing this style of minimal and hypermodern combined with depth shadows and a sense of physicality become more popular. What do you make of it?

File linux_ss.jpg (321147)
Anonymous 2021-07-04T05:06:06Z No. fg-K3HJ1IPN [Report]

Late 90s to early 2000s (pre-Aero) desktop customization was peak aesthetics

Anonymous 2021-07-04T08:51:03Z No. fg-Z3LYXJFT [Report]

>>fg-M3UDGVUK I like that. A bit too round for my taste but still.

Anonymous 2021-07-04T16:45:16Z No. fb-H5P2MYKU [Report]

>>fg-M3UDGVUK looks like cancer


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