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Anonymous 2021-01-15T08:02:11Z No. fg-AB8018C4 [Report]

Admin, do you have a way for people to contribute?

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Anonymous 2021-01-16T15:35:28Z No. fb-7F91E06E [Report]

>>fb-5004ABB5 If through github, what are the things you think others should focus on?

Anonymous 2021-01-16T15:47:43Z No. fb-03FBA0B9 [Report] >>fb-81A4E006

>>fb-5004ABB5 I don''t want to out myself from my Github profile, so I will provide feedback here: - clicking on [Post a Reply] at the bottom doesn''t do shit well, I see that it moves you to #top if thread is long enough to give you scrollbar, but it still does not open the reply form - there was something else but I forgot what I wanted to say - you are a faggot - I wish you good luck with this project. FOSS decentralised anonymous imageboard would be literally the best thing to happen to whole internet

Anonymous 2021-01-16T15:49:03Z No. fb-6114767F [Report] >>fb-81A4E006

oh yes, why does replying to thread throw me back to https://0x00000000.xyz/b/ instead of keeping me in the thread?

Anonymous 2021-01-16T17:09:27Z No. fb-81A4E006 [Report] >>fg-2AF055B7

>>fb-03FBA0B9 Yeah I had post reply at bottom redirect to top before I collapsed the form. It will be changed to add a pop-up reply box >>fb-6114767F noko in the options will redirect to post you made. Currently doesn''t work if you post to a federated board from a diff instance. If you post from same instance it should work mostly.... Something it just shows your post and who you replied to. Will be fixed soon(tm)

Anonymous 2021-01-18T01:39:58Z No. fg-2AF055B7 [Report]

>>fb-81A4E006 >noko in the options will redirect to post you made. i know its tradition but please default this

File: EQFn6swU0AEzauL.jpg(87610)
Why are maids the best? Anonymous 2021-01-15T07:13:58Z No. fg-8E0F9F7A [Report]

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Anonymous 2021-01-16T14:49:42Z No. fg-6C770F4C [Report] >>fb-42A464F4

im a catgirl maid uwu

Anonymous 2021-01-17T18:09:23Z No. fb-42A464F4 [Report]

>>fg-6C770F4C post feet

Anonymous 2021-02-16T01:08:57Z No. fg-EXOR7JA0 [Report]


File 1559240033501.jpg (181659)
Anonymous 2021-02-18T02:35:08Z No. fb-IXSK86HW [Report]


Anonymous 2021-02-27T17:05:57Z No. fg-WAPPH6YT [Report]

>>fg-8E0F9F7A (OP) Because they love you, something which for modern women is too much to ask.

File: 1153361205326.gif(27625)
Anonymous 2021-01-14T06:07:24Z No. fg-47269ED6 [Report]

#include <niggerstream> int main () { std::cout << "you are all niggers"; }

File yarly.jpeg (63328)
Anonymous 2021-01-14T06:30:17Z No. fg-088CE6A9 [Report]

ya rly

Anonymous 2021-01-15T11:09:56Z No. fg-2813BFBD [Report]

>>fg-47269ED6 (OP) <<< >>> << >> < >

Anonymous 2021-01-17T16:59:10Z No. fg-5C4D5596 [Report]

>>fg-47269ED6 (OP) you need and endl fam output might be buffered

File: Risen (tribute to Terry A. Davis).mp3(1139098)
Rise Anonymous 2021-01-14T03:17:45Z No. fg-2777734C [Report]

The beginning is now.

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File comfypepe.jpg (52649)
Anonymous 2021-01-15T12:20:38Z No. fg-868E1BAF [Report]

>>44A43ADA ok

File a22416975a7bcefd308a139efa819d70c2f31383484f87a8e2c8dd349f69038e.jpg (1037839)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T02:30:45Z No. fg-D99ECD93 [Report] >>fg-F5355DD6

>>fg-F75242B7 Tested again. Result; We''re still not in the future.

Anonymous 2021-01-16T02:34:01Z No. fg-F5355DD6 [Report] >>fg-45A06D23

>>fg-D99ECD93 I choose the current file types based on browser support for embeding the file into html. is jxl supported with htmls img? I dont have any to test.

File b28312fd6480f91d29a0ab757d49b565e4cc24b65bfa8ab1cbe4f2d4e56e3dac.png (1179727)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T02:57:58Z No. fg-45A06D23 [Report]

>>fg-F5355DD6 >I dont have any to test. Easiest (but not fastest) way to produce some right now: https://squoosh.app Other options: https://repology.org/project/jpeg-xl/versions The reason why you want the future early: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ju4q1WkaXT7WoxZINmQpf4ElgMD2VMlqeDN2DuZ6yJ8/

Anonymous 2021-04-08T12:06:43Z No. fg-MEB90PMX [Report]

>>fg-2777734C (OP) Beginning of what?


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