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File: 1551120027308.png(51927)
Anonymous 2021-01-17T11:43:17Z No. fg-A96714A8 [Report]

what le fug :D this is so based, how do i join?

File nuglear bomb.png (102650)
Anonymous 2021-01-19T00:16:00Z No. fg-C438E907 [Report]

>>fg-A96714A8 (OP) Very gomfy yes :DDDDDDD

File: iu[1](159170)
Anonymous 2021-01-17T00:57:47Z No. fg-2A4E5F94 [Report]

Alright Anon(s), do I use the WaterFox browser or do the dive into GNU IceCat?

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Anonymous 2021-04-15T15:51:08Z No. fg-4WXZAB9G [Report]

GNU IceCat of course

Anonymous 2021-06-12T16:22:45Z No. fg-Y8ZDBTQA [Report]


Anonymous 2021-06-12T16:40:45Z No. fg-19BC1BVJ [Report]

>>fg-2A4E5F94 (OP) Librewolf

Anonymous 2021-06-12T17:05:17Z No. fg-T65Q92ED [Report]

librewolf https://librewolf-community.gitlab.io/

File clownpov.jpg (24510)
Anonymous 2021-06-12T22:08:58Z No. fg-Y7VABVX7 [Report]

>>fg-2A4E5F94 (OP) imagine unironically using bloatware just use lynx ffs

File: mintbeaver.png(422664)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T23:03:57Z No. fg-25FB4DC5 [Report]

when are you going to switch to Linux Mint and get real world work done?

Anonymous 2021-01-17T04:30:10Z No. fg-3D1962C0 [Report]

>>fg-25FB4DC5 (OP) I''m using Linux Mint right now and I can confirm that I''m an productive piece of shit, even more than previously. That''s why I''m posting here - so even the government can''t make me be productive.

File: 1610287642945.jpg(130934)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T22:33:26Z No. fg-1C4E4648 [Report]

Are breasts technology?

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Anonymous 2021-01-17T06:25:04Z No. fg-052D031E [Report]

>>fg-6E83B63B dicks confirmed for technology

Anonymous 2021-01-17T22:03:35Z No. fg-85A29457 [Report]

they are

Anonymous 2021-01-31T08:24:51Z No. fg-2FF22427 [Report]

>>fg-1C4E4648 (OP) yes, biological tech is still tech (but i prefer the silicone ones)

Anonymous 2021-01-31T23:51:29Z No. fg-7FFDA431 [Report]

>>fg-1C4E4648 (OP) only if they're artificially developed over the course of their specific generation. pedants will say that dogs are technology but they're wrong

Anonymous 2021-02-01T13:38:09Z No. fg-916GB8AC [Report]

>>fg-1C4E4648 (OP) It sounds interesting. I think we should investigate deeper.

File: photo_2020-12-26_20-10-05.jpg(84674)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T18:39:00Z No. fg-1C1582FE [Report]

I need some good TOR links where I can buy questionable stuff. NO CP just cool shit

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Anonymous 2021-01-19T02:37:03Z No. fg-G561C846 [Report]

>>fg-37ECA1BA Seemed pretty comfy to me, I think its the most popular ib on tor

Anonymous 2021-01-20T07:52:10Z No. fg-0195664A [Report] >>fg-3E4C83G5

I haven't used TOR in a long time. Prolly since 2008 is it still sufficient to just use tor browser? Or is there more to setup to get the features of proxy? I know disabling javascript is a big part.

Anonymous 2021-01-20T14:08:14Z No. fg-3E4C83G5 [Report]

>>fg-0195664A For browser or brave both work for tor, just disable JavaScript

Anonymous 2021-01-24T23:11:20Z No. fg-F9B1DBF1 [Report] >>fg-2E22AE6A

>>fg-G6B32C40 How the hell do I open a thread on nanochan that doesn't have a picture attachment? There's no link anywhere.

Anonymous 2021-01-29T16:13:36Z No. fg-2E22AE6A [Report]

>>fg-F9B1DBF1 Click the asterisk (*)

File: manjaro.png(6946)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T15:29:35Z No. fg-374771FE [Report]

hey anon,what os are you using right now ? me pic related

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File gentoo.jpg (137073)
Anonymous 2021-05-26T21:29:15Z No. fg-TODFPB5X [Report]

Install Gentoo :D

Anonymous 2021-05-26T23:52:53Z No. fg-6XMAQBL2 [Report]

>>fg-OBCE6233 I've heard its aggressively paralelyzed, so that it feels snappy, it is quite nice

File 2021-06-13-122346_609x292_scrot.png (138315)
Anonymous 2021-06-13T16:24:39Z No. fg-020OKK60 [Report] >>fg-C9MMRD0M

i'm on arch, i've considered giving gentoo a try, but at the same time I've put so much config into stuff on my current install that I don't really want to throw it all away

Anonymous 2021-06-13T20:07:47Z No. fg-C9MMRD0M [Report] >>fg-D464HFW1

>>fg-020OKK60 i was gonna make fun of you for falling for the 16GB meme, but how do you manage to use 8GB of RAM?

Anonymous 2021-06-13T22:52:54Z No. fg-D464HFW1 [Report]

>>fg-C9MMRD0M I had quite a few things running, I believe I had virtualbox with Whonix open when I took this, so that's probably why.

File: gnu.png(31797)
Richard Stallman 2021-01-16T11:07:47Z No. fg-3489DC4F [Report]

Free your computer from proprietary software today! Install the GNU operating system with Linux added that respects your freedom.

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Anonymous 2021-03-26T18:28:07Z No. fb-K5L847Q1 [Report]

>>fg-934ACAF6 guix, add noguix channel if you want wofi dribers

Anonymous 2021-04-18T20:12:56Z No. fg-VI2RLAI1 [Report]

based and GNU pilled

Anonymous 2021-05-20T13:33:55Z No. fg-4WE1Z31G [Report]

>>fg-3489DC4F (OP) GNU is for twinks and I am right about it.

Anonymous 2021-05-22T16:28:11Z No. fg-ZIY6QSYJ [Report]

>>fg-92EEG269 nigga you really think netbsd is going to be even remotely better? i mean those faggots don't have half the mitigations that openbsd and hardenedbsd have and also include linux_compat, making them vulnerable to LINUX vulnerabilities. they're main purpose is running on toasters, its a joke. openbsd is still the best for security and its overall just neat

Anonymous 2021-05-22T16:28:40Z No. fg-WLDK1OGL [Report]

>>fg-G6CF6608 based

File: 1596353898740.jpg(173632)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T06:47:59Z No. fg-949695ED [Report]

I want to install GNU/Linux on my laptop, its an Asus zephyrus. I used Unetbootin to install Ubuntu on my desktop a while ago until i needed to switch back for software purposes. unlike the the desktop where i only had to install Gpu drivers, my laptop has a quiet a lot of drivers/bloat, does this change anything about the installation or should i go about it in the same why i did my desktop. also is there anything better for making iso disk images then unetbootin, and what distro do i run? I''m thinking either Tails or manjaro.

File debian.png (8643)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T07:43:14Z No. fg-CDCB3DDB [Report] >>fg-14980E97

>>fg-949695ED (OP) On your ubuntu machine use dd to create your iso. I would recommend debian. From my understanding you shouldnt have to worry about driver bloat if using linux. There is a lot of generic drivers that just werk in current year

Anonymous 2021-01-16T22:16:12Z No. fg-14980E97 [Report]

>>fg-CDCB3DDB thank you i will try it, also what can i do to make Debian more secure. I like how tails functions but i feel its somewhat limiting for everyday normal use since its not really made to be a daily driver.


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