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The king is back Anonymous 2021-03-25T16:00:44Z No. fg-01U0RXTK [Report]

Richard Matthew Stallman is finally back in the fsf GLORY TO THE KING

Anonymous 2021-03-25T18:20:53Z No. fg-L0GW8JO3 [Report]

>>fg-01U0RXTK (OP) It's apparently a fight to keep him in the FSF.

Anonymous 2021-03-25T19:47:16Z No. fb-M5BLACRI [Report]

this is the battle of our time. if corporate and normies successfully kill the FSF and RMS the future is doomed. i hate everyone on twitter hiveminding this when they arent event apart of anything related to the FSF or RMS. they just hear cancel and they swarm to conform. they get the benefits of everything the FSF achieves but yet still want to destroy it. if the FSF dies who can reliably take their place? there is no one even on the same page to take the same stance/progress.

Anonymous 2021-03-26T03:44:39Z No. fg-OR3WNCLE [Report] >>fg-ZUWUCDP4

>>fg-01U0RXTK (OP) Apparently there is a huge debate to get rid of him

Anonymous 2021-03-28T04:07:43Z No. fg-ZUWUCDP4 [Report]

>>fg-OR3WNCLE And here we are now: https://github.com/rms-support-letter/rms-support-letter.github.io

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OFFICAL DAB ON WII love black peopleS THREAD Anonymous 2021-03-19T22:13:20Z No. fg-WZVXWRQ2 [Report]

Have no idea how to use a Unix-like operating system and instead call you "freetard". Their shitty excuse for being a room temperature IQ WiI love black peopleis "muh games". They can install drivers and reinstall Windows on Grandma's computer and therefore think they're "Hackerman". Would shit their pants if they had to use a real command line.

Anonymous 2021-03-26T01:00:20Z No. fb-7M39BCQC [Report]

>>fg-WZVXWRQ2 (OP) but what does this mean

File: 1609246521905.png(547173)
What is this? Anonymous 2021-03-10T19:20:02Z No. fg-TKXE0C0J [Report]

Just another chan or does it have some special features?

Anonymous 2021-03-10T19:46:30Z No. fb-ZGSC9XLY [Report]

>>fg-TKXE0C0J (OP) work in progress federated chan. if you dont see the benifit in a federated chan then yes, its just another chan. as the code base gets more mature and more instances come online i believe it will be more useful than the archaic centralized chans that are everywhere.

Anonymous 2021-03-14T04:54:32Z No. fg-9BV1H3PL [Report] >>fb-PXFHIDZS

I didn't understand a word of that.

Anonymous 2021-03-14T05:02:00Z No. fb-PXFHIDZS [Report]

>>fg-9BV1H3PL The code is based on activitypub. Activitypub allows federated instances by using json in HTML requests. These HTML requests allows for decentralization by having a common language each instances speaks, which is the activitypub protocol. You can follow other instances and get updates when they make updates and others can get updates from your chan by following your instance. Anyone can run their own chan and federate with other chans running the code at github.com/FChannel0 (except for Tor/i2p/Loki instances for the moment. They can talk to each other though examples here: https://fchan.xyz/g/MORL0KUT) This allows for the decentralization of chans which is better than centralized chans.

File: clubhouse.jpg(102292)
Anonymous 2021-02-03T09:32:56Z No. fg-I5T6FMFZ [Report]

What is this garbage? Been hearing about it a lot lately. Do they really believe that the conversation is gone forever? This rhetoric of being exclusive and finite is laughable. I give this "app" 1 year, 2 tops before it dies.

File smallfeeforexclusivity.jpg (210978)
Anonymous 2021-02-03T09:40:22Z No. fg-2JCTCJN8 [Report]

Anonymous 2021-02-27T17:03:06Z No. fg-6K6ZVICO [Report]

>>fg-I5T6FMFZ (OP) >Some shitty startup Let me guess >American >proprietary >pozzed Like clockwork

File 1610259454277.jpeg (13743)
Anonymous 2021-03-01T05:55:09Z No. fg-YMBX779P [Report]

>>fg-I5T6FMFZ (OP) >We invented Skype except you need to be be invited to the exclusive Skype club! >Investors throw money at it Clownworld was fun for a bit but not anymore

File: texteditor.png(17875)
Anonymous 2021-01-23T19:52:46Z No. fg-971G990A [Report]

how is this bug still not fixed?

Anonymous 2021-01-23T21:49:20Z No. fg-28C985CA [Report]

using emacs will fix your bug

Anonymous 2021-01-26T15:09:03Z No. fg-G9C9G15E [Report]

>>fg-971G990A (OP) >gaynome3

Anonymous 2021-01-29T10:48:40Z No. fg-BC1B8297 [Report]

>>fg-971G990A (OP) >try to read reference document on second screen >unhidable header bar takes up 35% of the screen on 200% scaling

Anonymous 2021-01-29T15:59:53Z No. fg-5EEF61F9 [Report]

>>fg-971G990A (OP) You know GNOME is not responsible for distro theming problems, they can barely make a logo.

Anonymous 2021-01-30T19:16:00Z No. fg-CA8806E5 [Report]

gnome makes me throw up in my mouth a little. plain and basic

File: luaa.jpg(115866)
Lua Anonymous 2021-01-22T16:52:55Z No. fg-C5438C78 [Report]


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Anonymous 2021-01-30T19:19:50Z No. fg-2202D97G [Report] >>fg-ISGX89LT >>fg-SRF92S9M >>fg-QQ9LYK2S >>fg-AY3LPWW3

>>fg-C5438C78 (OP) what do you use lua for

Anonymous 2021-05-07T04:28:05Z No. fg-ISGX89LT [Report]

>>fg-2202D97G add scripting capabilities to my C programs, the api is very good

Anonymous 2021-05-07T04:56:32Z No. fg-SRF92S9M [Report]

>>fg-2202D97G You can make some nvim plugins with lua

Anonymous 2021-05-14T16:50:39Z No. fg-QQ9LYK2S [Report]

>>fg-2202D97G Prototyping netbsd drivers

Anonymous 2021-05-31T15:01:54Z No. fg-AY3LPWW3 [Report]

>>fg-2202D97G Transpile it from Fennel to make 2D toys. https://fennel-lang.org/

File: Terry_A._Davis_2017.jpg(160491)
Terry A. Davis Terry A. Davis 2021-01-19T03:28:25Z No. fg-1E2GBA02 [Report]

Terry A. Davis

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Anonymous 2021-01-19T08:25:38Z No. fb-C05B7735 [Report]

>>fg-E1E63046 K

Anonymous 2021-01-19T22:35:19Z No. fg-1B01B770 [Report]


Anonymous 2021-01-19T23:28:34Z No. fg-87F55D2F [Report]

>>fg-1E2GBA02 (OP) I've been increasingly convinced that he was sane and that it's the world that's insane

Anonymous 2021-02-01T23:02:09Z No. fg-9A3B44G0 [Report]

>>fg-1E2GBA02 (OP) “Hi I love black people.” Terry A. Davis

File 1608474064752.webm (6048816)
Anonymous 2021-02-02T16:32:23Z No. fb-KM9CN8LA [Report]

File: chenwalk.gif(245621)
Anonymous 2021-01-19T02:45:21Z No. fg-7C788821 [Report]

I still don't understand federation.

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Anonymous 2021-04-16T17:40:44Z No. fg-03IAC4YT [Report]

>>fg-W8MSDK6Z an instance is a server fchan is only federated with the /b/ board with 0x00000000.xyz/b/ and 0xchan is federated with all of fchans boards consolidated all into its one /b/ board. so if you want to see all of fchans boards in one feed you can just use 0x00000000.xyz/b/catalog and view all of the current FChannel instances and post from there.

Anonymous 2021-04-18T01:46:51Z No. fg-CQM41NNC [Report]

>>fg-E0527DF6 this is highly debatable, especially since there's no way for instances to post to one another without pre-authorization basically, you can either play blacklist spam whackamole or you can whitelist and hope that other servers reciprocate

Anonymous 2021-05-20T18:12:51Z No. fg-GDB9AQL8 [Report]

>>fg-7C788821 (OP) this site can talk to other sites that "speak" activitypub, which is the protocol this site uses. this means you can see and reply to threads that users on other sites made.

Anonymous 2021-05-23T23:19:55Z No. fg-M56VXLOX [Report]

>>fg-7C788821 (OP) If you want to learn more a good place to start is here: http://activitypub.rocks/

Anonymous 2021-05-31T13:10:32Z No. fg-OKLYCORY [Report]

>>fg-7C788821 (OP) It feels like an exercise in distributed database design.


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