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Anonymous 2021-06-10T00:24:47Z No. fg-SV72E11A [Report]

hey guys, got some anom invite codes. lmk if you want in on this new highly secured communication `app`

Anonymous 2021-06-10T18:17:09Z No. fg-V5WV6BCW [Report]

>>fg-SV72E11A (OP) yea my mom told me about it, said it is the best app out there to talk with friends and family without hackers collecting your personal data please send the code to my email: anon@gmail.com

Anonymous 2021-06-10T22:11:49Z No. fg-1XZ0IUXP [Report]

>>fg-SV72E11A (OP) greate app, the feds couldn't get my drugtrafficking ring friends with this at all

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dreamtime Anonymous 2021-06-09T21:15:09Z No. fg-ZKW9ZT57 [Report]

I downloaded dreamtime on a spare computer to see if the nudification is worth anything, notice it uses a built-in ipfs/torrent backup to distribute data models. there are obvious upsides to this, but what (if any) are the downsides? Let's avoid "hard disk fragmentation" and focus on actual vulnerabilities.

Anonymous 2021-06-09T23:30:07Z No. fg-LEX086GV [Report]

>>fg-ZKW9ZT57 (OP) what is dreamtime?

Anonymous 2021-06-10T01:24:29Z No. fg-BLZ9IGJM [Report]

>>fg-ZKW9ZT57 (OP) v0.0.1? i wouldnt trust that shit

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Why is it so /comfy/ bros...? Anonymous 2021-05-29T10:39:13Z No. fg-B2AKCMUK [Report]

Basedware is here folks.

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Anonymous 2021-06-01T13:31:44Z No. fg-57UR5M4K [Report]

>>fg-6ME9SIVQ >>fg-NDJ0F2HU >>fg-LQA09SLO we know these threads are bait. stop shitting up the board, it contributes nothing.

Anonymous 2021-06-02T08:07:08Z No. fg-F1FHX7GP [Report]

don't care, it's not RISC-V

Anonymous 2021-06-03T00:34:55Z No. fg-L0SD3Q4Q [Report] >>fg-SP9A98JP

>>fg-6ME9SIVQ >Apple is king coping with spending a thousand bucks on a trash machine is really cringy. You need to immediately kill yourself.

Anonymous 2021-06-04T16:18:37Z No. fg-SP9A98JP [Report]

>>fg-L0SD3Q4Q remember to sage apple threads if you're gonna reply to them at all

Anonymous 2021-06-12T16:37:48Z No. fg-T3W7N68Z [Report]

yeah no, kill yourself faggot

File: Apple_logo_black.png(17270)
Come Home, White Man Anonymous 2021-05-28T18:52:06Z No. fg-58116X2V [Report]

Home sweet home.

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Anonymous 2021-06-26T15:05:05Z No. fg-40TI9SAQ [Report] >>fg-5FLQAVOM >>fg-E5BT6X05 >>fg-VU66IPG1

>>fg-PW3AO9HJ yeah that is probably the best idea. What should it be called? But GNU is already trademarked I don't think they would like to be associated with chan culture. Maybe it could be called librechan.tld ?

Anonymous 2021-06-26T15:37:34Z No. fg-5FLQAVOM [Report] >>fg-E5BT6X05

>>fg-40TI9SAQ I would vote for librechan.

Anonymous 2021-06-26T19:08:21Z No. fg-E5BT6X05 [Report]

>>fg-40TI9SAQ >>fg-5FLQAVOM +1 for librechan

Anonymous 2021-06-26T20:04:48Z No. fg-VU66IPG1 [Report]

>>fg-40TI9SAQ 👍👍👍

Anonymous 2021-06-28T12:39:10Z No. fg-3AKZ141G [Report]

>>fg-58116X2V (OP) I can see your nose from here shlomo, go shill/bait on 4chan. The true white man's OS is windows 7, though, linux is a close second.

File: 9pill.png(35037)
postan from plan9 Anonymous 2021-05-23T17:15:03Z No. fg-Y33AU133 [Report]

take the 9pill /g/, experience peak comf

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Anonymous 2021-05-27T01:14:59Z No. fg-MALB9DVE [Report] >>fg-AIARLWFK >>fg-JDGX8VRS

>>fg-OFDQSL1G im i uwnixing coworwy? >w< >o< \>_</ All jokes aside cat is for concatenating files so redirection in this case would make more sense.

Anonymous 2021-05-27T01:16:18Z No. fg-AIARLWFK [Report]

>>fg-MALB9DVE all jokes aside, cat is for concatenating files so redirection is more appropriate

Anonymous 2021-05-27T22:57:22Z No. fg-JDGX8VRS [Report]

>>fg-MALB9DVE brainlet

Anonymous 2021-06-19T00:26:38Z No. fg-JHML37XL [Report] >>fg-5NNFBN7D

i tried plan9 on a vm today looks cute, but i have no idea how to use it also why the fuck is ls called lc?

Anonymous 2021-06-19T03:12:11Z No. fg-5NNFBN7D [Report]

>>fg-JHML37XL as far as i can tell thier the same command lc has an additional flag also read the fucking docs https://plan9.io/magic/man2html/1/ls

File: qubes-trust-level-architecture.png(857452)
Anonymous 2021-05-22T17:55:11Z No. fg-TS85UT93 [Report]

do you guys think that plan9 namespaces could do the same thing as qubes vm's without being bloated cancer?

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Anonymous 2021-05-22T23:52:07Z No. fg-SSK8BPV9 [Report] >>fg-GKP4OHY1

>>fg-1IC7V7NM *suckless maintains a lit version of plan9port sorry

Anonymous 2021-05-23T00:16:59Z No. fg-7DHLJQ19 [Report] >>fg-GKP4OHY1

>>fg-M2EZ71EA >>fg-M2EZ71EA Your thinking of 9base https://tools.suckless.org/9base/>>fg-M2EZ71EA

Anonymous 2021-05-23T00:19:06Z No. fg-DW2OGTP6 [Report] >>fg-0Z20AD81

>>fg-1IC7V7NM Sounds like jails in freebsd. I am not intimate with plan9 but have been using acme for a while. Also plumbing is a really awesome concept.

Anonymous 2021-05-23T01:24:57Z No. fg-GKP4OHY1 [Report]

>>fg-1IC7V7NM seems interesting, i will look into it >>fg-SSK8BPV9 >>fg-7DHLJQ19 yea, thats where i remember seeing it

Anonymous 2021-05-23T03:20:39Z No. fg-0Z20AD81 [Report]

>>fg-DW2OGTP6 yea. just namespaces are more tied to the system and easier to work with, since its just how the entire system is organized. plan9 has a lot of neat stuff

File: lain.jpg(332545)
/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread Anonymous 2021-05-21T22:31:39Z No. fg-6FLD0Z6P [Report]

What are you working on, /g/?

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Anonymous 2021-06-06T03:36:39Z No. fg-PV2BBVA8 [Report] >>fg-NR6CSRDR >>fg-0U6X1LDQ

>>fg-WJ7JQ6BJ Are you aware of this project? https://www.passwordstore.org/

Anonymous 2021-06-07T19:51:46Z No. fg-NR6CSRDR [Report] >>fg-0U6X1LDQ

>>fg-PV2BBVA8 Yes, totally I just did it for fun

Anonymous 2021-06-07T20:03:37Z No. fg-0U6X1LDQ [Report]

>>fg-PV2BBVA8 >>fg-NR6CSRDR I also did it bc i didn't really like pass so I figured I'd just write my own Currently trying to write it on Dlang just for fun too

File btcusd.png (96040)
Anonymous 2021-06-10T14:22:25Z No. fg-UQV5MQH5 [Report] >>fg-H6NGYVYN

>>fg-SLWAQORA Here is my visualization work in progress. I'm feeling my way through gnuplot with the help of _Gnuplot in Action_. https://1lib.us/book/3385211/2f0585 I still have much to learn, but I think I'll be able to visualize everything I have to visualize. There are just a lot of details to iron out.

Anonymous 2021-06-10T18:37:25Z No. fg-H6NGYVYN [Report]

>>fg-UQV5MQH5 looks good candle sticks are a nice touch.

File: DEMON.png(141156)
DEAD BOARD DEAD BOARD 2021-05-20T13:27:33Z No. fg-D6RE9LS9 [Report]



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