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Anonymous 07/29/21(Thu)21:04:18 No. fb-M0GN1G1W [Report]

https://kozin1.space/ Tor: http://kozinmswacmsxglvocknk6mmljk2ompgeqnbvrmybfjceyzwbmkdvzad.onion/

Anonymous 07/30/21(Fri)00:22:20 No. fb-PPL706S4 [Report] >>fb-35IXJDUG

>>fb-M0GN1G1W (OP) either create a federated instance or go shill your shitchan in the gutter

sage 07/30/21(Fri)14:15:28 No. KGCDR73K [Report]

i'll be generous and give this one 3 days. kill yourself faggot

Anonymous 07/30/21(Fri)17:21:37 No. fb-35IXJDUG [Report] >>3D1ZSD5Z

>>fb-PPL706S4 Cope, there's already 50 instances and they're equally shit and dead.

Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)02:59:10 No. 5R9DF7J3 [Report] >>3D1ZSD5Z


sage 08/01/21(Sun)18:10:39 No. 3D1ZSD5Z [Report] >>fb-4UY11RKS

>>fb-35IXJDUG >>5R9DF7J3 funny how the "dead" federated instances are still up while every single centralized le ebin tor instance gets shut down in a week. honestly kill yourselves you're so worthless

Anonymous 08/02/21(Mon)15:09:02 No. fb-4UY11RKS [Report]

>>3D1ZSD5Z literally this, making an instance strengthens the network you dumb niggers, as long as there are still active boards that multiple websites share, the instances aren't dead

Anonymous 08/03/21(Tue)03:23:09 No. fb-3SXWCHN9 [Report]

>>fb-M0GN1G1W (OP) Glow nigger.

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)20:30:06 No. fb-FKHU0YD3 [Report]


Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)04:49:58 No. fb-B7ECS19C [Report]


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