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Anonymous 08/13/21(Fri)14:46:52 No. fb-E9QLOUX3 [Report]

Are there any actually funny comedians or shows, anymore? Everytime I try one of these new shits, it's just pure cringe or boredom, and I'm tired of watching old shit. Idk if there's anyone funny on the video platforms like YT/Bitchute, either.

Anonymous 08/13/21(Fri)15:08:06 No. fb-8JLSPR89 [Report]

>>fb-E9QLOUX3 (OP) i like Eric Andre but I think a lot of his new stuff is not nearly as good as the originals. As for Youtube comedians, fuck no, that entire scene is dead. Everyone is outclickbaiting for views, the youtube meta is essentially minecraft and twitch clips. To find genuinely funny comedians you'd have to go to local shows to find new talent. Everything on the popular internet is beaten to death and pandering.

Anonymous 08/14/21(Sat)06:56:05 No. fb-XVE877YN [Report]

>>fb-E9QLOUX3 (OP) bill hicks, although hes pretty old

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