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Anonymous 2021-05-29T17:43:42Z No. fb-UAP103S6 [Report]

Deleting my fchan account... i need to become a better person πŸ˜”πŸ˜ͺ

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Anonymous 2021-08-09T17:17:59Z No. fb-7K29EXA5 [Report]

Imageboards are very addicting. Sucks not being able to get adequate social stimulation irl, plus you have to censor yourself.

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Anonymous 2021-08-10T01:47:34Z No. fb-RCPSYMXT [Report] >>fb-H06GPRYS

>>fb-UAP103S6 (OP) you can't delete your federated imageboard "account" you dingus hahahaha

Anonymous 2021-08-10T03:02:56Z No. fb-8AMMUM1F [Report]

>>fb-UAP103S6 (OP) hehe me too

Anonymous 2021-08-10T03:03:02Z No. fb-H06GPRYS [Report] >>fb-BU543YKP

>>fb-RCPSYMXT really? i just did. Get rekt you stupid moron

Anonymous 2021-08-10T13:20:02Z No. fb-BU543YKP [Report]

>>fb-H06GPRYS based imageboard account deleter

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Anonymous 2021-08-06T04:24:38Z No. fb-Z36U5FYF [Report]

is lain good? I hear so much about it in chans (and lainchan is a thing i guess). Is it actually good? I've never heard anything about it other than people mentioning it a lot

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Anonymous 2021-08-06T14:17:14Z No. fb-TH72NUYO [Report] >>fb-DPH93ZHT

>>fb-Z36U5FYF (OP) i guess you just don’t seem to understand

Anonymous 2021-08-06T15:35:23Z No. fb-DPH93ZHT [Report] >>fb-LMLGIMH4

>>fb-TH72NUYO i really fucking dont

Anonymous 2021-08-07T21:38:30Z No. fb-LMLGIMH4 [Report] >>fb-8EJXN2PG

>>fb-DPH93ZHT a shame you seemed an honest man

Anonymous 2021-08-08T02:31:31Z No. fb-8EJXN2PG [Report] >>fb-D28REV3F

>>fb-LMLGIMH4 ill watch it and report back

Anonymous 2021-08-10T13:17:34Z No. fb-D28REV3F [Report]

>>fb-8EJXN2PG u asshole thats the song lyrics XDDDDDDDDDDDD LOL

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Graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines Anonymous 2021-08-08T16:30:45Z No. fb-6QG74DJA [Report]

There is graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines. This substance is a poison, it makes you sick, and it also is possible to connect it, when inside your body, to the 5G. Here are some links: https://odysee.com/@ExcaliburTraduction:4/Poison-Vax-Covid-Ex-Employ%C3%A9e-Pfizer-Wl-1:f? https://odysee.com/@letablierblanc:4/06-Loxyde-de-graph%C3%A8ne---Dr-Jane-Ruby:8?

Anonymous 2021-08-08T17:17:14Z No. fb-326C72ZC [Report]

>>fb-6QG74DJA (OP) LOL

Anonymous 2021-08-08T19:01:05Z No. fb-LZJ4QP6Z [Report]

>>fb-6QG74DJA (OP) Good videos, sent em to a friend. Hopefully he doesn't get stuck. I'm still unvaccinated and trying to hold out.

Anonymous 2021-08-10T03:03:22Z No. fb-AAD09A34 [Report]

>>fb-6QG74DJA (OP) This is nothing

Anonymous 2021-08-10T05:22:43Z No. fb-K9GYTM64 [Report]

>>fb-6QG74DJA (OP) take your meds. I only trust Scientists. Please dont post this on my atheist board. - kind stranger

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Anonymous 2021-07-17T15:31:11Z No. fb-F9QAIECU [Report]

There's this theory out now that if you can catch the AIDS virus through having sex with someone who is infected then you can also catch anything, whether it's a virus per se or not – Alzheimer's, muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, leukemia, anorexia, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, for Christ sakes – you can get dyslexia from pussy.

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Anonymous 2021-07-17T16:20:17Z No. fb-PSYEYL5L [Report] >>fb-S22K3DHN

From what I've seen on fedi, you can get Down's from no pussy, so tread with caution.

Anonymous 2021-07-17T16:37:38Z No. fb-S22K3DHN [Report]

>>fb-PSYEYL5L uh oh i need to get my shit together

Anonymous 2021-07-17T20:38:17Z No. Q9SREPMZ [Report] >>fb-IZU6KHTU

>>fb-F9QAIECU (OP) should i fuck the downsyndrome girl i'm taking care of for this rich family? no one will know and the risk of getting downsyndrome from fucking her only turns me on. thoughts?

Anonymous 2021-07-17T21:34:05Z No. fb-IZU6KHTU [Report]

>>Q9SREPMZ >fuck the downsyndrome girl >sue the family for giving you down syndrome >profit

Anonymous 2021-08-09T16:05:12Z No. fb-NTGJNVQN [Report]


File: de6e389d8e9968c75d413aec5d1b03bc974904bd.png(1918)
Anonymous 2021-08-06T17:35:40Z No. fb-0RMTGIBY [Report]

I was just made a mod on a community that i'm part of. A mod made me a mod without even asking me first. I'm a janny now-- i've become everything i hate...

Anonymous 2021-08-06T17:46:57Z No. fb-T58B3PC8 [Report]

>>fb-0RMTGIBY (OP) congrats have you pick out your buttplug yet? to make clear moderating decisions you need to have it inserted at all times. if your decision making becomes hazy consider increasing the size.

Anonymous 2021-08-06T19:05:53Z No. fb-IMPRZ32A [Report]

>>fb-0RMTGIBY (OP) Just ban yourself.

Anonymous 2021-08-06T19:47:59Z No. fb-2UDFMJS6 [Report]

>>fb-0RMTGIBY (OP) silently ban everyone and then ban yourself

Anonymous 2021-08-08T11:38:57Z No. fb-BCDH7T6L [Report]

>>fb-0RMTGIBY (OP) You either die a shitposter or live long enough to see yourself become a janny…

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Anonymous 2021-06-30T01:30:22Z No. fvip-MIHLE07B [Report]

killthepresident.club huh?

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File istockphoto-498790309-612x612.jpg (16561)
Anonymous 2021-06-30T08:35:13Z No. fvip-075UL15Q [Report]

>>fvip-19CXR3XB >shit, this guy is good..

Anonymous 2021-07-08T18:35:58Z No. fvip-YMFWI2MY [Report]


Anonymous 2021-07-09T10:57:06Z No. fvip-7POLLN79 [Report]

based host

Anonymous 2021-08-08T09:13:48Z No. fvip-0M0RXZR5 [Report]

end of the line kid im shutting your page down

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Anonymous 2021-08-08T09:14:09Z No. fvip-E3RPII3N [Report]

File: _.jpg(46496)
Anonymous 2021-08-06T21:06:17Z No. fb-QLE1Z9D0 [Report]

What do you think about the amount of grifters out there? Has it increased in recent years? It seems like more than ever people are being dishonest with their views to deceive for profit. Are they to be admired because they are winning the game? After getting older you see the grifters more often and it's exhausting. Is this what life is? Swindle as much as you can for profit? It makes me realize the true target demographic are young impressionable people. It's like some type of mind control. I'm amazed the lengths grifters can go. Charisma must be the best stat. But there seems to be a timespan that they have. They cannot grift forever. Their grift only works for a small portion of time, maybe a few decades at most. This thread has not point and is not trying to sell you something.

Anonymous 2021-08-06T22:31:45Z No. fb-D71JAN5I [Report]

>>fb-QLE1Z9D0 (OP) I'd rather work behind the scenes as much as possible and use charisma when necessary to grease the wheels.

Anonymous 2021-08-07T18:42:05Z No. fb-F1G2TCW6 [Report]

>>fb-QLE1Z9D0 (OP) I think that if you can do it consistently it's a talent

File: .trumpkin.jpg(689835)
Anonymous 2021-08-03T17:47:35Z No. QT3SCSO6 [Report]

gay dead shit board

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Anonymous 2021-08-06T01:23:28Z No. fb-AWSPY83R [Report] >>H1M56B4C

>>fb-6TYBS0PN WAIT IS /HE/ PEN????

Anonymous 2021-08-06T07:09:48Z No. fb-VEVNTLVS [Report]

>>QT3SCSO6 (OP) u lok liek walter

Anonymous 2021-08-06T17:59:42Z No. H1M56B4C [Report] >>fb-COGTRJ4L >>fb-ZNGTR2E1

>>fb-6TYBS0PN >>fb-AWSPY83R actual schizos itt

Anonymous 2021-08-06T18:54:47Z No. fb-COGTRJ4L [Report]

>>H1M56B4C What

Anonymous 2021-08-06T22:48:27Z No. fb-ZNGTR2E1 [Report]

>>H1M56B4C Absolute schizos itt MEDS NOW


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