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Anonymous 2021-08-13T16:09:15Z No. fb-XZRQVLZV [Report]

I just bought a trombone :)

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Anonymous 2021-08-19T10:01:11Z No. fb-7H3U3B1B [Report] >>fb-6D91A9MK

play Knee-Deep in the Dead

Anonymous 2021-08-19T13:23:49Z No. fb-6D91A9MK [Report] >>fb-R0FQWUFH

>>fb-7H3U3B1B I second this.

Anonymous 2021-08-19T17:34:42Z No. fb-R0FQWUFH [Report] >>fb-YLPIO3O0

>>fb-6D91A9MK Take a lap chowderhead the pen has nothing to do with 2hu chan

Anonymous 2021-08-19T18:11:52Z No. fb-YLPIO3O0 [Report] >>fb-QW9KKI8R

>>fb-R0FQWUFH ?

Anonymous 2021-08-19T20:22:04Z No. fb-QW9KKI8R [Report]

>>fb-YLPIO3O0 schizos are going to schiz

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Anonymous 2021-08-12T08:25:27Z No. fb-KK9MI3HQ [Report]

which one of you faggots sent a glowing scrapper bot to my onion service some 8~9 hours ago?

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File wiki scrape.png (94266)
Anonymous 2021-08-14T07:40:29Z No. fb-7TQKRN7V [Report] >>AT70FPY6

>>fb-KK9MI3HQ (OP)

Anonymous 2021-08-14T22:35:56Z No. AT70FPY6 [Report] >>fb-MD3WB3S3 >>fb-WG06LZ7L

>>fb-7TQKRN7V what the fuck is this?

Anonymous 2021-08-14T23:36:38Z No. fb-MD3WB3S3 [Report]

>>AT70FPY6 >wiki scrape.png

Anonymous 2021-08-15T05:19:51Z No. fb-WG06LZ7L [Report] >>TU086B5C

>>AT70FPY6 Some autist has a "Darknet" page that they spam across a bunch of onion wikis, the formatting is so so fucking bizarre that it looks like a scraper.

Anonymous 2021-08-15T15:06:07Z No. TU086B5C [Report]

>>fb-WG06LZ7L that actually sounds pretty cool. do you have the link?

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Anonymous 2021-08-13T14:46:52Z No. fb-E9QLOUX3 [Report]

Are there any actually funny comedians or shows, anymore? Everytime I try one of these new shits, it's just pure cringe or boredom, and I'm tired of watching old shit. Idk if there's anyone funny on the video platforms like YT/Bitchute, either.

Anonymous 2021-08-13T15:08:06Z No. fb-8JLSPR89 [Report]

>>fb-E9QLOUX3 (OP) i like Eric Andre but I think a lot of his new stuff is not nearly as good as the originals. As for Youtube comedians, fuck no, that entire scene is dead. Everyone is outclickbaiting for views, the youtube meta is essentially minecraft and twitch clips. To find genuinely funny comedians you'd have to go to local shows to find new talent. Everything on the popular internet is beaten to death and pandering.

Anonymous 2021-08-14T06:56:05Z No. fb-XVE877YN [Report]

>>fb-E9QLOUX3 (OP) bill hicks, although hes pretty old

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A study on FChannel's degree of (de)centralization. Anonymous 2021-08-11T09:42:38Z No. fb-G1Q36AAG [Report]

http://p6nhckzlonbw72mhxqcyfa474ssavlnud6tvpmhjzf37r2zyz2ommtqd.onion/articles/fchentral/ I conducted a highly scientific research on our current state. It is about the proportions of posts from each instance. I think it was already obvious that fchan.xyz has the most traffic, but in this I give quantitative measures. I got the data from the outboxes. pic unrelated unless you think it is

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Anonymous 2021-08-13T02:01:52Z No. fb-4I6BBGUN [Report] >>fb-OIRH2XG7

>>TOOUDRII i think autofollow was added but the older ones probably haven't updated, and it also might only work when initially starting the server

Anonymous 2021-08-13T03:40:07Z No. fb-OIRH2XG7 [Report]

>>TOOUDRII >>fb-4I6BBGUN When I wrote the original point I hadn't considered this - I was only thinking of the instances penchan generally interact with. I do agree auto follow would be nice, but I'm not sure its been implemented yet I recently upgraded to 0.0.14-release after neglecting penchan for a bit, but it may be in dev.

Anonymous 2021-08-13T06:55:59Z No. fb-UYCX02OH [Report] >>fb-5G9DQ81X

could dev chan (or any other instance owner) make a post about the traffic their instance is receiving? Has it grow at all in the past 2 months or so.

Anonymous 2021-08-13T08:22:15Z No. fb-5G9DQ81X [Report] >>fb-VZ0HHU9X

>>fb-UYCX02OH traffic has increased past two months, people choose not to post frequently. ive been focusing on try to get the code is a good spot i havent been worrying about spreading the word of FChannel because i would like to have most things flushed out before a rush of shit floods in. i get how users want more activity but i dont think its doing bad. after when FChannels hits its first year i think would be a good time to try and grow the userbase, maybe sooner, it's been about 8 months. until then i think organic growth is fine.

Anonymous 2021-08-13T15:10:29Z No. fb-VZ0HHU9X [Report]

>>fb-5G9DQ81X that's a good point. I don't think fchan would benefit from an insanely high amount of users, I just want more OC tbh. I think most people just are here to lurk or reply only. >ive been focusing on try to get the code is a good spot i havent been worrying about spreading the word of FChannel good plan, i appreciate all the work you put in devchan

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Anonymous 2021-08-03T17:00:21Z No. fb-OQ77PT2K [Report]

Imageboards can be a lot more than just trite shitposting, but the medium is wasted on a largely mediocre group of human beings. Memetic usage is mostly a crutch for those that can't generate spontaneous and organic banter on their own.

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Anonymous 2021-08-09T00:15:18Z No. fb-H3TNS88L [Report]

>>fb-SPYZLCII >You demand oc You can't make demands from those with nothing to give.

Anonymous 2021-08-10T13:22:19Z No. fb-UDVJQ8WY [Report]

>>fb-SPYZLCII >reddit spacing please go away :)

Anonymous 2021-08-12T01:33:22Z No. fb-SSXXC02Z [Report] >>fb-DXIXWDAQ

I'm so burnt out on imageboards, friends. I wish we lived in a world where we could just be ourselves, say what we wanted, and had the people to satisfy our social needs, irl. This shit is such a half-empty form of human interaction. I'm just tired of this shit.

Anonymous 2021-08-12T03:14:23Z No. fb-DXIXWDAQ [Report]

>>fb-SSXXC02Z me too man, popular ones are full of spam and garbage, altchans are comfier but too slow to fill a small amount of time with enjoyment. i just shitpost here in an effort to make something happen

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sage 2021-08-18T19:29:53Z No. fb-HGMBN3GH [Report]

>blah blah blah what imageboards should be >blah blah blah muh culture

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baka.best Anonymous 2021-08-11T23:06:07Z No. CUR5XDGP [Report]

Baka! is online again! https://baka.best/ Come have fun and act retarded.

Anonymous 2021-08-12T02:37:21Z No. fb-ESGYIXOP [Report]

>>CUR5XDGP (OP) federate or die out

sage 2021-08-12T22:32:59Z No. T95MP5JO [Report]

2 days. kill yourself pathetic faggot

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Right wing Anonymous 2021-05-29T02:23:42Z No. fb-NWGIHS57 [Report]

I am belongs to Right Wing. Left wing broke. Nazism is solutions.

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Anonymous 2021-08-03T13:45:16Z No. fb-GCM0XE3K [Report] >>fvip-OB4LEY1U

>>fb-NWGIHS57 (OP) What happened to your left wing

Anonymous 2021-08-05T12:57:20Z No. fb-ROI82RLT [Report]

>>fb-NWGIHS57 (OP) >the right wing owns him kek

sage 2021-08-05T14:17:28Z No. W2P1JKB4 [Report]

>>fb-NWGIHS57 (OP) >>fb-3VEGBLWO 2hu-ch.org/pol

File alunya.jpg (7872)
Anonymous 2021-08-05T17:21:22Z No. fvip-OB4LEY1U [Report]

>>fb-GCM0XE3K a cat bit him

Anonymous 2021-08-10T15:02:14Z No. fb-F0SH1MOL [Report]


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Anonymous 2021-08-04T01:06:59Z No. fb-S0JPPBCR [Report]

Hey. I’m not a cop or anything. I use public WiFi to post every now and then. I have this really good article I want to share. Please give it a read when you have the chance. https://media.defense.gov/2021/Jul/29/2002815141/-1/-1/0/CSI_SECURING_WIRELESS_DEVICES_IN_PUBLIC.PDF

Anonymous 2021-08-04T01:32:08Z No. fb-OR5649I3 [Report]

>>fb-S0JPPBCR (OP) Thanks bub not clicking your ip logger

Anonymous 2021-08-10T13:25:25Z No. fb-A9TWK1VX [Report]

>>fb-S0JPPBCR (OP) >I’m not a cop or anything. prove it, say something illegal


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