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Anonymous 2021-04-12T22:58:41Z No. fb-A15E5B0U [Report]

get off the fucking robot shinji, i will be the new pilot

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elon's musk 2021-04-16T16:02:02Z No. fb-TPFB8KA8 [Report]

>>fb-A15E5B0U (OP) no, X Æ A-12 is going to pilot it

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Anonymous 2021-04-10T21:35:06Z No. fb-RP2IHK9R [Report]

777chan. Get lucky, get comfy. https://777chan.cc/ Tor: http://777chan3jrdcr3wvzuifbe452qm7uamc3nziog5nblkiwepfaim7hjyd.onion/

Anonymous 2021-04-11T07:22:46Z No. fb-JX6U4ZQ6 [Report]

>>fb-RP2IHK9R (OP) sorry i have real bad luck

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Anonymous 2021-04-04T04:57:32Z No. fb-T143CNWQ [Report]

came here from pokemon chat what is this?

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Anonymous 2021-04-02T09:39:33Z No. fb-OBUUX28B [Report]

>tfw so dumb can't even set up my fchannel instance

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Anonymous 2021-06-23T10:37:40Z No. fb-K1LTQHUU [Report] >>fb-BW4YBCM7 >>fb-R0DBKBMB

>>fb-HPOOH54O you just to go and necro only to repeat the joke directly above you pathetic

Anonymous 2021-06-23T15:30:10Z No. fb-BW4YBCM7 [Report] >>fb-S9TFGT0J

>>fb-K1LTQHUU how about I necro your mom

Anonymous 2021-06-23T15:32:03Z No. fb-S9TFGT0J [Report]

>>fb-BW4YBCM7 mumsie is alive and kicking, thank you very much

Anonymous 2021-06-24T06:28:59Z No. fb-R0DBKBMB [Report]

>>fb-K1LTQHUU and? I fail to see the problem

Anonymous 2021-06-25T06:50:10Z No. fb-HURV3RFB [Report]

>>fb-HPOOH54O why are they smiling?

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Long day Anonymous 2021-03-26T04:01:26Z No. fb-AE5FOE8C [Report]

Such a freaking long day at work. Been nothing going on for a whole week which is nice and all but getting bored now

Anonymous 2021-03-26T06:11:36Z No. fb-NW4JUM7N [Report] >>fb-HO6XSTNN >>fb-MMYIX9BH

>>fb-AE5FOE8C (OP) is it worse having long nothing days, or long busy days? getting paid doing nothing doesnt sound too bad, but it defiantly can be soul crushing dedicating a large percentage of your life doing nothing.......

Anonymous 2021-05-11T15:34:39Z No. fb-HO6XSTNN [Report]

>>fb-NW4JUM7N i prefer busy days, time passes a lot faster

Anonymous 2021-05-13T08:34:55Z No. fb-MMYIX9BH [Report]

>>fb-NW4JUM7N Nothing days also opens to other possibilities anon like reading or whatever you want

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Anonymous 2021-03-21T13:24:40Z No. fb-50Y0RJ71 [Report]

Join the fun! https://coronachan.xyz/b/

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Anonymous 2021-03-06T13:16:27Z No. fb-4IFOFBQV [Report]

https://discord.gg/cope Hop in faggots

Anonymous 2021-04-12T21:56:30Z No. fb-O80SP9PR [Report]


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test Anonymous 2021-03-03T08:42:03Z No. fb-NGJEP67S [Report]



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