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New Nick rekieta soon!! Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:14:51Z No. fb-XJS21IET [Report]

Any thoughts on the new Nicholas Rekieta video??

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Ruina 2021-05-22T18:42:17Z No. fb-G531V5DZ [Report] >>fb-1GE4LDHD

>>fb-AOYQGX9L Haha you’re so cute wanna see dm me ;)

Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:42:48Z No. fb-K8N5Z9GR [Report]

>>fb-ENI8JQ3P you dogass chinkass rapebaby

Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:43:15Z No. fb-1GE4LDHD [Report]

>>fb-G531V5DZ Poggey gonna get my hand smashed by a mallet

File wrestler smash rat.gif (2060053)
Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:44:24Z No. fb-0OGZXSDL [Report] >>fb-CDRZEYQF

i am /toasting/ in a le epic bread xD

Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:47:23Z No. fb-CDRZEYQF [Report]

>>fb-0OGZXSDL stolen gif chud nice try though

File: e00a0bc104ebc2a9b1081188253740f1766b1278d809b3c966e07cb8d33b9595.jpg(81239)
Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:14:06Z No. fb-KBEDOK1P [Report]

beat you to it chudlord :tongueout:

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Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:32:41Z No. fb-ED4MCHU5 [Report] >>fb-WFPZR05U

>>fb-2MMZM6JA tfw no hashcheck i was trying to /cuck/ that dweebazoid

Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:34:08Z No. fb-FD5NAOGW [Report] >>fb-F3DWYZ9D

>>fb-KBEDOK1P (OP) how did this chud get beat what a fucking primo chud

Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:35:23Z No. fb-F3DWYZ9D [Report] >>fb-QHTUT9ZT

>>fb-FD5NAOGW 🥵 <---- teseting if mojis work

Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:36:10Z No. fb-QHTUT9ZT [Report]

>>fb-F3DWYZ9D retard 🏳️‍🌈

Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:36:24Z No. fb-WFPZR05U [Report]

>>fb-ED4MCHU5 get filtired moron

File: 5CFAEE91-E008-4442-B870-343AD8E3A595.png(238435)
My Wife Madoka Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:08:43Z No. fb-R1EV4SPO [Report]

This is my wife we just got done having sex

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Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:49:51Z No. fb-WKAZ3Z86 [Report] >>fb-W0831TSI

>>fb-0BOP02ZE Found you the rape murder cum inside ruina squad is on their way

Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:50:57Z No. fb-V2ZDVUQA [Report] >>fb-W0831TSI

>>fb-0BOP02ZE i just found your TOR address retard omw way

Anonymous 2021-05-22T18:58:57Z No. fb-W0831TSI [Report] >>fb-G2WYU1LB

>>fb-WKAZ3Z86 >>fb-V2ZDVUQA /schizo/ nice try i live with my grandma (just left) gl go ahead and rape her [i'm gone]

Anonymous 2021-05-22T19:12:18Z No. fb-G2WYU1LB [Report] >>fb-MTM9U7Q7

>>fb-W0831TSI already raped she gave your location

Anonymous 2021-05-22T19:28:51Z No. fb-MTM9U7Q7 [Report]

>>fb-G2WYU1LB she's dead idiot you fucked a random woman in an abandoned parking lot good job i set up a camera

File: cum.png(80422)
please kill this retard Anonymous 2021-05-22T16:12:37Z No. fb-RLOT47YU [Report]

ys a queer ban him already

Anonymous 2021-05-22T21:30:02Z No. fb-TTDQ08R5 [Report]

>>fb-RLOT47YU (OP) not falling for this 'chud'

File: 3ea5235576b82d170dedfbabe5a40fa5cd55e2db0a293874d7ced25b333f05f7.png(1763764)
THIS IS A MESSAGE TO ALL FEDINIGGERS Anonymous 2021-05-22T13:42:25Z No. fb-K9SOAAZ8 [Report]

!STOP ACTING LIKE DUMB REDDITORS AND LEAVE YOUR SHITTY INSIDE JOKES AT THE DOOR! nobody cares abut your in-jokes, nobody thinks it's funny, nobody wants your childish bullshit here. It's annoying and contra-productive, so just stop or fuck off back to your pozzed microblogs pic. unrelated

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Anonymous 2021-05-22T20:15:45Z No. fb-EKH7B97P [Report] >>fb-Y1FJQ38L

>>fb-K1GSPUC4 yeah i don't watch anime but if asuka is a /writhing/ worm with a skull that's about to be caved the tf in then i agree [wholeheartedly] /irl /gen

Anonymous 2021-05-22T20:45:28Z No. fb-7IFJWW52 [Report] >>fb-Y1FJQ38L

Are we gonna fuck yet pernia? Stop ignoring me chud

Anonymous 2021-05-22T21:12:15Z No. fb-Y1FJQ38L [Report] >>fb-OM69YMMO

>>fb-EKH7B97P >>fb-K1GSPUC4 >>fb-7IFJWW52 /writhing/ worms all of you schizophrenic chudic wormic FREAKS

Anonymous 2021-05-22T21:12:44Z No. fb-OM69YMMO [Report] >>fb-L3F7EZND

>>fb-Y1FJQ38L hi pen glad you're back did you have lunch or something?

sterent 2021-05-22T21:26:42Z No. fb-L3F7EZND [Report]

>>fb-OM69YMMO yea i was eating sex with your mom (i'm not the pen) nice 69 tho

File: image.png(979088)
This is gay Anonymous 2021-05-22T13:17:26Z No. fb-RXVX8OS8 [Report]

You are gay

Anonymous 2021-05-22T13:21:33Z No. fb-CI2QQM1T [Report]

>>fb-RXVX8OS8 (OP) gay for catboys, yeah

Anonymous 2021-05-22T16:03:09Z No. fb-KTURA0JC [Report]

>>fb-RXVX8OS8 (OP) khazar milkeres

Anonymous 2021-05-22T21:38:01Z No. fb-YUU8CFA6 [Report]

>>fb-RXVX8OS8 (OP) i want to suck the milk out of her jew tits

File: xue66j9hjjg61.png(559103)
Anonymous 2021-05-22T01:08:14Z No. fb-HA4KI9N9 [Report]

Is this how they agrees for a ceasefire? NIGGAS IS GAY LMAO FUCK JEWS AND SAND NIGGERS.

File: ipad.jpg(32469)
Two different /b/ boards Anonymous 2021-05-22T00:03:06Z No. fb-W3UVB05C [Report]

Why is there a https://fchan.xyz/b/1 and https://fchan.xyz/b? Are they 2 different instances? If so why aren't they synced?

Anonymous 2021-05-22T00:25:09Z No. fb-9Z8V3C9K [Report] >>fb-FPUASHVS >>fb-AQJJFXW9

>>fb-W3UVB05C (OP) theyre different pages each page shows at most 15 posts.

Anonymous 2021-05-22T00:28:29Z No. fb-FPUASHVS [Report]

>>fb-9Z8V3C9K also i can see how it can be confusing with ids but ids are 8 digit alpha numeric could change it to https://fchan.xyz/b?page=1 to remove ambiguity.

Anonymous 2021-05-22T02:20:18Z No. fb-AQJJFXW9 [Report] >>fb-GUVN5FH9

>>fb-9Z8V3C9K Whoops, sorry for brainlet moment

File 83e58664dff90d45da60de236481fca3c16454b41ea9736da7e60c1875c98100.jpg (19816)
Anonymous 2021-05-22T21:36:18Z No. fb-GUVN5FH9 [Report]

>>fb-AQJJFXW9 that's alright fren, we all have our moments


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