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Anonymous 2021-01-21T09:10:50Z No. fprog-FFCF2AD4 [Report]

How do I subscribe to another fchan from this fchan?

Anonymous 2021-01-21T10:22:22Z No. fb-74CG6609 [Report]

Only the host of an instance can choose which other instance they follow. Since there is no registration keeping track of individual users choices of follows is not supported. So either you find a host that has the boards you like or you run your own instance and choose what boards you follow. Maybe in the future I'll implement a way for users to piggy back off a host and have their own choices of boards to see, but this project is still in it's infancy.

Anonymous 2021-01-21T10:42:52Z No. fprog-2DFBGB01 [Report] >>fb-269GDC00

It seems I can't subscribe to /b/ from Pleroma.

Anonymous 2021-01-21T14:17:38Z No. fb-269GDC00 [Report]

>>fprog-2DFBGB01 I'll look into this. I have to see how they send out follow requests.

File: lain.jpg(74657)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T14:28:10Z No. fprog-B516579A [Report]

Let''s all love Lain!

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File 1610671638059.jpg (38165)
Anonymous 2021-01-17T17:23:13Z No. fprog-BDDA8FBD [Report]

Y = λf.(λx.f (x x)) (λx.f (x x))

Anonymous 2021-01-17T20:52:00Z No. fprog-7E22GGB8 [Report]

>>B516579A based

Anonymous 2021-01-18T12:10:53Z No. fprog-9DGC3183 [Report]

>>fprog-B516579A (OP) Where are the non-weeb instances?

File weebdr.png (321313)
Anonymous 2021-01-18T19:39:57Z No. fprog-F802EEA9 [Report]

>>fprog-B516579A (OP)

File 1610942534328.png (764002)
Anonymous 2021-01-24T07:22:08Z No. fprog-51CD7827 [Report]

>>fprog-B516579A (OP)

File: sks1.jpg(148933)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T04:05:00Z No. fprog-183939AB [Report]


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Anonymous 2021-06-26T07:00:14Z No. fprog-ZMPAJVNV [Report] >>fprog-JWPLOESO

>>fprog-7ZRJUB0M I would use acme if I could set keybinds. Its tedious to drag your mouse up to the task bar to click on your commands other than that acme is really good

Anonymous 2021-06-27T15:41:44Z No. fprog-JWPLOESO [Report] >>fprog-XQNNLOBK

>>fprog-ZMPAJVNV >acme >keybinds stop being gay man. you realize it actually takes longer to navigate with the keyboard than with the mouse since the brain takes longer to process movement that way than with the mouse, so you write less code in the same time.

Anonymous 2021-06-27T20:49:03Z No. fprog-XQNNLOBK [Report] >>fprog-XQ7UIBVD

>>fprog-JWPLOESO being able to hit 2 keys to execute a command is faster than typing out the whole command and middle clicking I wasn't talking about keyboard navigation like this vim. You know like in tiling window managers you can set keybinds to open programs? I want something similar to that with acme. Thinking of just forking plan9ports acme and making it myself.

Anonymous 2021-06-28T00:54:50Z No. fprog-XQ7UIBVD [Report]

>>fprog-XQNNLOBK i see what you mean. you could create a dump file with the commands you want preloaded and just load acme form there every time through an alias or something, so you don't have to type "Put" every time. making a fork seems based though. there could be a way to script the filename into a Put command every time you open a file though, so you could also look at that

Anonymous 2021-06-30T02:14:32Z No. fprog-1IYDD6FT [Report]

what a pretty desktop environment! I also use emacs.

File: enjoy_the_drink.png.png(242067)
CLU 2021-01-15T11:07:20Z No. fprog-42345B85 [Report]

Enjoy the drink

Anonymous 2021-01-16T15:43:40Z No. fb-8A4C40D4 [Report] >>fb-AEDCF216 >>fb-03D1853C

>>fprog-42345B85 (OP) wait, do threads get duplicated when you reply? Or is this copy thread of >>fb-964BBD84 → ?

File 9be053c8.webp (29924)
Anonymous 2021-01-18T12:18:28Z No. fb-G1E960CE [Report] >>fb-3104BA8B

>>fprog-42345B85 (OP) Do WebP''s work? Also, dude. You gotta come up with shorter quote strings. Perhaps something similar to Matrix''s @<user>:<instance>

Anonymous 2021-01-18T12:53:47Z No. fb-3104BA8B [Report]

>>fb-G1E960CE Yeah current version i am not happy with. Was kind of quick and dirt. Some variation of the matrix protocol mightwork >>G1E960CE@b:0x00000000.xyz I was trying to keep it short also current supported file types are >"image/gif","image/jpeg","image/png","image/svg+xml","image/webp","image/avif","image/apng","video/mp4","video/ogg","video/webm","audio/mpeg","audio/ogg","audio/wav", "audio/wave", "audio/x-wav"

File: 1610690455624.jpg(101427)
Anonymous 2021-01-15T06:35:29Z No. fprog-5B89B1E3 [Report]


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File love2d.png (16105)
Anonymous 2021-04-26T19:32:20Z No. fprog-UFX34A26 [Report] >>fprog-68ZFV49A

noko test

Anonymous 2021-04-26T19:48:30Z No. fprog-68ZFV49A [Report]

>>fprog-UFX34A26 noko should be fixed

Anonymous 2021-06-30T22:41:37Z No. fprog-VTCTZO3F [Report] >>fprog-9Q1ETJ91

>>fprog-5B89B1E3 (OP) this is testing federation from KTP and FChan ignore

Anonymous 2021-06-30T22:42:25Z No. fprog-9Q1ETJ91 [Report]

>>fprog-VTCTZO3F ok thats weird it work, this is fchan to KTP

Anonymous 2021-06-30T22:43:09Z No. fprog-JXWE8FB4 [Report]

fchan to KTP without mention

File: BFF1D539-55CD-40CE-A51A-9152FDABD7D9.jpeg(98657)
Hello workd Anonymous 2021-01-14T06:55:11Z No. fprog-C17E93CF [Report]

Inglewooood. I hope you like my IP

Anonymous 2021-01-14T07:10:25Z No. fprog-C8D06E94 [Report] >>fprog-9C71F50D

No IPs are tracker here, we wont be able to enjoy them :(

Anonymous 2021-01-17T12:27:35Z No. fprog-9C71F50D [Report]

>>fprog-C8D06E94 of course not

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Anonymous 2021-01-14T04:14:19Z No. fprog-6894A80B [Report]


File 1610471081342.png (54710)
Anonymous 2021-01-19T00:06:43Z No. fprog-FEBEG585 [Report]

>>fprog-6894A80B (OP)


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