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Anonymous 2021-01-18T03:37:00Z No. fg-78D9FEF8 [Report]

So now that this is here - what can we do with it? Should we plan something??

Anonymous 2021-01-18T03:39:45Z No. fg-A863G2F7 [Report]

Admin-anon will make it better. /prog/ anons will contribute code. Once code is stable other anons will host instances. I will advocate for free software on /g/. The cycle continues.

Anonymous 2021-01-23T07:08:34Z No. fb-557938DE [Report]

>>fg-78D9FEF8 (OP) Let's plan to blow up a federal building

Anonymous 2021-04-16T22:41:48Z No. fg-P3HXV0ZV [Report]

>>fg-78D9FEF8 (OP) We need to make sure this site surpasses the user base of the OTHER fchan. I don't want this site overshadowed by the furries.

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Anonymous 2021-01-17T23:28:16Z No. fg-714F85EG [Report]

Is there a 8-bit PC version of talk/ntalk/ytalk?

Anonymous 2021-01-18T03:07:53Z No. fb-D409347B [Report]

there is

File: lain_9324635278634512634.jpg(74657)
Anonymous 2021-01-17T16:45:16Z No. fg-0E97E159 [Report]

Hi everyone! If I was interested in creating my own imageboard how would I accomplish that?

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Anonymous 2021-01-18T03:19:40Z No. fg-8FBAA809 [Report]

>>fb-FCF8A78G That must be it, thanks anon

Anonymous 2021-01-18T20:32:09Z No. fg-D355DA75 [Report] >>fb-C4G6B4D3

>>fg-0E97E159 (OP) this thread is bugged why can''t i see all 12 replies

Anonymous 2021-01-18T20:58:12Z No. fb-C4G6B4D3 [Report]

>>fg-D355DA75 because there arent 12 posts. Current version there is a bug not keeping track of correct reply count. Its been fixed for new posts, old post have to be manually cleaned up. So any old post last night will not have correct reply count until its cleaned up. Will try to get to it today.

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Anonymous 2021-01-18T21:32:45Z No. fg-917B4D8E [Report]


Anonymous 2021-04-16T17:33:53Z No. fg-Y1KU1L43 [Report]

>>fg-29FB2A75 Kek, meduka meguca

File: 1610316615665.gif(2096112)
Anonymous 2021-01-17T16:17:06Z No. fg-13B0B16E [Report]

Why not use cloudflare?

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Anonymous 2021-06-15T02:29:20Z No. fg-P6FP56BM [Report] >>fg-KCOG9GVT >>fg-FLJMZTLD

>>fb-QVNJU89K word filters are not welcome. if you want to change the culture, then do that, don't force people not to say wrongthink because they're "low hanging fruit", that's just eroding free speech. Word filters are double plus ungood, if we were to describe it in a way that word filter proponents would understand (this comes from a book that has been long forgotten and rediscovered as a government manual)

Anonymous 2021-06-15T02:44:03Z No. fg-KCOG9GVT [Report]

>>fg-P6FP56BM >double plus ungood -_- If you are really gonna bring up (((that book))), at least reference it correctly. It is written "doubleplusungood" because newspeak modifies words with prefixes; adjectives are non-existant. Oh shit! I just outed myself as a member of the Party, didn't I?

Anonymous 2021-06-16T02:42:29Z No. fg-4NGTAW31 [Report]

>>fg-13B0B16E (OP) why would you purposely man in the middle all your traffic to a untrusted (pozzed, every big tech company works with the government) entity which not only fails half the time, but also makes tor a pain in the ass to use? if you want something for ddos protections there are billions of resources for free spam-filtering, plus ddos attacks on miniscule websites are almost nonexistant. there is absolutely no point

Anonymous 2021-06-16T02:47:08Z No. fg-UE40YXFN [Report]

>>fb-Y4UPJM0N who is spamming nigger (the n-word)? there isn't even a /pol/ here and calling people nigers has valid uses outside of spam. "low hanging fruit" doesn't seem like a good reason to ban anything tbh. also why the fuck would you cuckflare this site? are you serious?

Anonymous 2021-06-17T17:30:18Z No. fg-FLJMZTLD [Report]

>>fg-P6FP56BM if you can host your own instance then stop bitching about what one retard does with theirs.

File: 1551120027308.png(51927)
Anonymous 2021-01-17T11:43:17Z No. fg-A96714A8 [Report]

what le fug :D this is so based, how do i join?

File nuglear bomb.png (102650)
Anonymous 2021-01-19T00:16:00Z No. fg-C438E907 [Report]

>>fg-A96714A8 (OP) Very gomfy yes :DDDDDDD

File: iu[1](159170)
Anonymous 2021-01-17T00:57:47Z No. fg-2A4E5F94 [Report]

Alright Anon(s), do I use the WaterFox browser or do the dive into GNU IceCat?

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Anonymous 2021-04-15T15:51:08Z No. fg-4WXZAB9G [Report]

GNU IceCat of course

Anonymous 2021-06-12T16:22:45Z No. fg-Y8ZDBTQA [Report]


Anonymous 2021-06-12T16:40:45Z No. fg-19BC1BVJ [Report]

>>fg-2A4E5F94 (OP) Librewolf

Anonymous 2021-06-12T17:05:17Z No. fg-T65Q92ED [Report]

librewolf https://librewolf-community.gitlab.io/

File clownpov.jpg (24510)
Anonymous 2021-06-12T22:08:58Z No. fg-Y7VABVX7 [Report]

>>fg-2A4E5F94 (OP) imagine unironically using bloatware just use lynx ffs

File: mintbeaver.png(422664)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T23:03:57Z No. fg-25FB4DC5 [Report]

when are you going to switch to Linux Mint and get real world work done?

Anonymous 2021-01-17T04:30:10Z No. fg-3D1962C0 [Report]

>>fg-25FB4DC5 (OP) I''m using Linux Mint right now and I can confirm that I''m an productive piece of shit, even more than previously. That''s why I''m posting here - so even the government can''t make me be productive.

File: 1610287642945.jpg(130934)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T22:33:26Z No. fg-1C4E4648 [Report]

Are breasts technology?

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Anonymous 2021-01-17T06:25:04Z No. fg-052D031E [Report]

>>fg-6E83B63B dicks confirmed for technology

Anonymous 2021-01-17T22:03:35Z No. fg-85A29457 [Report]

they are

Anonymous 2021-01-31T08:24:51Z No. fg-2FF22427 [Report]

>>fg-1C4E4648 (OP) yes, biological tech is still tech (but i prefer the silicone ones)

Anonymous 2021-01-31T23:51:29Z No. fg-7FFDA431 [Report]

>>fg-1C4E4648 (OP) only if they're artificially developed over the course of their specific generation. pedants will say that dogs are technology but they're wrong

Anonymous 2021-02-01T13:38:09Z No. fg-916GB8AC [Report]

>>fg-1C4E4648 (OP) It sounds interesting. I think we should investigate deeper.


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