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nonspyware protocols? Anonymous 2021-07-16T10:50:27Z No. fg-M7EG3PY2 [Report]

the web and email are spyware by default, http has mandatory useragent and smtp has a shitton of unencryptable metadata are there any decent alternative protocols to them? >gopher it is nice, but i want something more rich, able to be filled with colored text and animated gifs >gemini seems okay, but obligatory tls is pure retardation, what if i intend to run it as an onion service? >serving postscript files over ftp is this a thing? sounds alright in my head, if a bit autistic idk of any alternatives to email, what i have in mind is something that allows you receive long messages and download them to your machine to store them long term (file transfer support not necessary) maybe an ftp server that only lets people upload .txt files? (when i say ftp i don't mean vanilla ftp, it can be sftp/ftps too)

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Anonymous 2021-07-21T03:17:56Z No. fg-VRB76MRF [Report] >>fg-BATGNQZL

>>fg-M7EG3PY2 (OP) >mandatory useragent let's not forget the mandatory referer

Anonymous 2021-07-22T05:01:47Z No. fg-KFE9GBV8 [Report] >>fg-0N55W6W7

https://httpwg.org/specs/rfc7231.html (Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Semantics and Content) > A user agent SHOULD send a User-Agent field in each request unless specifically configured not to do so. Pretty sure the referer header isn't required either. HTTP/2 RFC for reference: https://httpwg.org/specs/rfc7540.html

Anonymous 2021-07-22T14:44:29Z No. fg-0N55W6W7 [Report]

>>fg-KFE9GBV8 maybe not literally mandatory, but since everyone else sends it you'd better send as well or be easily recognizable the problem is not even it being mandatory, but that the protocol has espionage designed into it, optional or not

Anonymous 2021-07-29T04:02:47Z No. fg-BATGNQZL [Report]

>>fg-VRB76MRF The Referer header is not mandatory either? Most servers won't do anything if you don't send it.

Anonymous 2021-07-29T04:04:06Z No. fg-5ZMNAL2W [Report]

>>fg-M7EG3PY2 (OP) > obligatory tls is pure retardation, what if i intend to run it as an onion service? Forgive my ignorance, but why does TLS make it harder to run something as an onion service?

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Anonymous 2021-07-28T15:28:01Z No. fg-5OD0B4B7 [Report]

I go to university for Computer Science in September, I'm extremely excited that I'm going for something I'm so passionate about. Does being passionate about technology bring you joy /g/? I wholeheartedly enjoy learning new things related to tech whenever I can. It's just so fucking cool.

Anonymous 2021-07-29T03:43:22Z No. fg-KWD2PFM6 [Report]

>>fg-5OD0B4B7 (OP) Programming is fun for me, but wagecucking can take the joy out of it after a decade or two. Use your programming skill to automate the money making process if you can.

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Trump is gonna get the TCP timestamps Anonymous 2021-07-26T22:59:08Z No. fg-HU8INL4A [Report]

Democrats literally btfo you cannot spoof the TCP timestamps to get the rate of ballot stuffing that took place. I can't wait tbh. Fuck Joe Biden he's a stupid nigger monkey.

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Anonymous 2021-07-28T16:55:53Z No. fg-4G841XXG [Report]

do not respond to bait threads guys come on.

sage 2021-07-28T17:02:48Z No. fg-JNE6EULQ [Report] >>1Q53Q0UP >>KUE3I222 >>LZXTFSO3


Anonymous 2021-07-28T18:15:52Z No. 1Q53Q0UP [Report]

>>fg-JNE6EULQ based

Anonymous 2021-07-28T18:15:53Z No. KUE3I222 [Report]

>>fg-JNE6EULQ based

Anonymous 2021-07-28T23:17:20Z No. LZXTFSO3 [Report]

>>fg-JNE6EULQ based

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How does fchan.xyz works and how is it decentralized? Anonymous 2021-07-26T11:15:02Z No. fg-X4RKYUVE [Report]

I want to learn more about decentralized social media, but I cannot find any good resources online.

Anonymous 2021-07-26T14:08:05Z No. fg-SEZMNXVQ [Report]

>>fg-X4RKYUVE (OP) Look up Fediverse, and the activitypub protocol. Fchan is based off of ActivityPub and Fediverse is just a collection of various decentralized social media-ish sites

Anonymous 2021-07-26T18:46:56Z No. 9I3O8PMG [Report]

>>fg-X4RKYUVE (OP) https://activitypub.rocks/ ActivityPub works with inboxes and outboxes. an actor sends a post to their outbox, and an actor that is subscribed to that actor's outbox will recieve their messages in their inbox. boards in fchan are actors, and they subscribe to other board's outboxes. this is basically it, pleroma and peertube use the same mechanism for their posts, and every interaction (including likes and comments) is sent as an activity to the reciever's inbox and the sender's outbox.

Anonymous 2021-07-27T18:21:03Z No. fg-1CEM9TAH [Report]


Anonymous 2021-07-28T01:39:49Z No. fg-72XMEAF1 [Report]

>>fg-X4RKYUVE (OP) Yep to go off of some of the replies you got everyone has an outbox and an inbox - so on pleroma and mastodon every "actor" has an outbox and an inbox that posts go to. Fchan has no "users" so the board itself has the outbox which can be viewed for the different boards just change the instance url and board letter to peak through: https://penchan.xyz/g/outbox Further reading The proposed spec for Fchannel: https://github.com/FChannel0/FChannel-Server/issues/9 The actual activitypub spec: https://www.w3.org/TR/activitypub/ Someone already linked it but https://activitypub.rocks/ is a great starter resource

File: void.png(61337)
Anonymous 2021-07-25T18:19:09Z No. fg-H70BWDUT [Report]

I just switched from Artix to Void, gotta say it's far more comfy (and minimal I guess). The only thing I don't like is that there is considerably less documentation when compared to Arch (and it's forks)

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Anonymous 2021-07-27T02:41:45Z No. fg-K2B7PPM8 [Report] >>fg-W1UVWOG8

>>fg-NMHA9W3S that's a good point, maybe i'll just leave it to compile overnight and hope it doesn't fuck up

Anonymous 2021-07-27T02:50:03Z No. fg-W1UVWOG8 [Report] >>6YKYN6OK

>>fg-NMHA9W3S >>fg-K2B7PPM8 nvm all the build scripts are configured for apt and im lazy, ill stick with an appimage

Anonymous 2021-07-27T13:57:31Z No. BF17IO4E [Report] >>2NG4ZKU5

>>fg-W9MPFNY9 nigga a massive security bug per week is enough to switch from that convoluted pile of garbage. granted, faggots on cuckchan /g/ are only larping about it but its terrible software nonetheless

Anonymous 2021-07-27T13:58:46Z No. 2NG4ZKU5 [Report]

>>BF17IO4E misread the post but it still holds up. systemdniggers are retarded

Anonymous 2021-07-27T14:01:31Z No. 6YKYN6OK [Report]

>>fg-W1UVWOG8 yea its a pain in the ass. it would probably be easier to apply the patches and then compile it using xbps-src or something. normal firefox is just ./mach build so you could just do that after applying patches probz

File: Tor.jpeg(22522)
What's your experience with tor? Anonymous 2021-07-24T23:21:10Z No. fg-ZT96R1AO [Report]

I have my entire computer routed through TOR. And I also use the tor browser(using a bridge) as my daily browser. I have no desire to view onion sites or anything. I just like privacy in the same way I don't like people checking my emails or text messages. It's okay to know my phone number, it's okay to know my email, it's okay for my isp to know I use the internet. But it's not okay for them to track me. I don't even watch porn. I just hate being stalked. Now, how do you like/hate tor?

Anonymous 2021-07-24T23:42:36Z No. I2W5ZORO [Report]

>>fg-ZT96R1AO (OP) based schizochad. yea i just watched childporn once, no biggie. want to use it more often though, there's nice darknet sites out there

Anonymous 2021-07-25T02:20:21Z No. fg-XMUAF5U1 [Report]

I use it for nanochan

Anonymous 2021-07-25T03:37:13Z No. fg-NI0EK7WE [Report]

>>fg-ZT96R1AO (OP) this is pretty based tbh, i'd definitely consider this for something like a laptop, combined with qubes or something. but for your main desktop? i couldn't stand that HELL YOU'RE NOT EVEN USING THE TOR INSTANCE

File: 1623245256855.png(1743644)
Anonymous 2021-06-22T13:25:33Z No. fg-8CX2JLQF [Report]

What do you guys think of Mental Outlaw? Are there any genuinely good tech youtubers out there? Linus is a consoomer shill, Luke Smith is a pretentious ass, every other one is either boring as fuck or super annoying. Mental Outlaw is the only one I've found to be consistently interesting, and funny.

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Anonymous 2021-07-24T01:16:53Z No. fg-UURJIVWQ [Report]

>>fg-9UCMDDR3 if i watch his any of his videos i have to watch it on 2x speed or i end up beating my head against the wall.

Anonymous 2021-07-24T03:09:36Z No. fg-W8H1MO1J [Report] >>fg-SAUXH688

>>fg-8CX2JLQF (OP) These video influencers aren't diving into NEW_INFO all the time. Eventually their content gets repetitive like statistically low-quality pRNG.

File 1627077167803.png (255946)
Anonymous 2021-07-24T03:13:11Z No. fg-BM23621I [Report]

>>fg-9UCMDDR3 Hahahahaha.

Anonymous 2021-07-24T03:24:51Z No. fg-SAUXH688 [Report]

>>fg-W8H1MO1J Yeah OP here, I'm already sick of Mental Outlaw

Anonymous 2021-07-24T12:36:09Z No. fg-93Y0JSJ8 [Report]

tbh Top Shelf Technology is the only genuine youtuber I know

File: bst_202104.jpg(1662007)
Anonymous 2021-06-15T13:02:16Z No. fg-5BGQI2CD [Report]

Any of y'all have a home server? What services do you host on your own? I'm planning to eventually get a server and host some services such as: openvpn, syncthing, maybe a git server and some media streaming shit i guess Share with the /g/ fags

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Anonymous 2021-06-15T17:30:53Z No. fg-CJOCQF7C [Report]

>>fg-5BGQI2CD (OP) I use mine for owncloud and Plex. If I wasn't stuck with shit internet with data caps I would like to do more with it.

File 9f6e2dfe7893180e9b110d5bd72045d2448e5e10.jpg (277292)
Anonymous 2021-06-15T18:25:07Z No. fg-FKQYZV19 [Report] >>fg-UWRTPHIS

I run the following on it: Ombi - Lets my family request shit to download off usenet Plex - Where they watch shit off of usenet Emby - Where I watch my weird shit Sabnzbd+++DSkldsjl - Usenet download client I plan on adding other stuff to it eventually, but mainly it's just a complicated usenet download box and frontend.

Anonymous 2021-07-03T06:22:22Z No. 1H9HJVZH [Report]

>>fg-5BGQI2CD (OP) I just host an IRC server for me and some others on my home server i got for like 30 bucks

Anonymous 2021-07-09T17:57:59Z No. fg-1XIFATM4 [Report]

>>fg-5BGQI2CD (OP) Jellyfin Sonarr/Radarr Szurubooru Minecraft Server

Anonymous 2021-07-24T07:01:56Z No. fg-UWRTPHIS [Report]

>>fg-FKQYZV19 are you the asshole in my neighborhood who left their usenet box open? I keep running into you shit when I'm war scanning.


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