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How do you /g/uys post on 4chan Anonymous 2021-07-30T19:02:01Z No. fg-05M6L79B [Report]

No matter what I do I always get this message. >Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. I have tried VPN with different regions but it still throws the same error.

Anonymous 2021-07-30T19:10:53Z No. fg-02SVAD01 [Report]

>>fg-05M6L79B (OP) just pay for the pass goyim

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Anonymous 2021-07-30T08:54:19Z No. fg-U4A0Q1M9 [Report]

Reminder that he is too good for this world and we do not deserve him.

Anonymous 2021-07-30T19:02:47Z No. fg-KL4AQ56Q [Report]

I am big fan of his music

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Nigger Dfence General /NDG/ Anonymous 2021-07-29T07:28:54Z No. 1IWH66IN [Report]

How will you defend yourself after the 2nd ChOVID Riots? What technology will you use? How will we send them back to Africa?

sage 2021-07-29T10:47:29Z No. fg-GIBBJ6UO [Report]

>>1IWH66IN (OP) >How will you defend yourself after the 2nd ChOVID Riots? i dunno and i dont care what i do know is how i will defend this board from shitty 4chan-tier thread: sage >How will we send them back to Africa? speaking of sending back, why dont you go back to 4cuck and take your cancerous posts with you?

Anonymous 2021-07-29T13:33:11Z No. fg-G6UTM16J [Report]

>>1IWH66IN (OP) くそスレ乙

Anonymous 2021-07-30T03:22:54Z No. 7GOG1UY8 [Report]

>>1IWH66IN (OP) I don't own any firearms, but I kinda wish I did. My strategy for now is to be far away from diversity.

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What about GunDB Anonymous 2021-07-29T03:36:49Z No. fg-0FIDGO3T [Report]

https://gun.eco/ > The database for freedom fighters https://github.com/amark/gun >GUN was created by Mark Nadal in 2014 after he had spent 4 years trying to get his collaborative web app to scale up with traditional databases. >After he realized Master-Slave database architecture causes one big bottleneck, he (as a complete newbie outsider) naively decided to question the status quo and shake things up with controversial, heretical, and contrarian experiments: >The NoDB - no master, no servers, no "single source of truth", not built with a real programming language or real hardware, no DevOps, no locking, not just SQL or NoSQL but both (all - graphs, documents, tables, key/value). >The goal was to build a P2P database that could survive living inside any browser, and could correctly sync data between any device after assuming any offline-first activity. That all sounds good, but check out this issue list: https://github.com/amark/gun/issues So has anyone here given this database a try?

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File Encryption-_RDC37hrTo8.mp4 (1948606)
Anonymous 2021-07-29T07:21:42Z No. fg-L5X429XZ [Report] >>fg-KGXWHOWV

>>fg-0FIDGO3T (OP) is this nigga serious? >https://gun.eco/docs/Cartoon-Cryptography OP you got me fucked up on this one nigga... No thank you

Anonymous 2021-07-29T07:34:56Z No. fg-KGXWHOWV [Report] >>fg-RLSOAF0Z

>>fg-L5X429XZ I never knew encryption worked like a lock and key

Anonymous 2021-07-29T13:51:08Z No. fg-RLSOAF0Z [Report] >>fg-OKEF2EHV

>>fg-KGXWHOWV Bob's key is inserted into Alice's lock

Anonymous 2021-07-29T13:59:11Z No. fg-OKEF2EHV [Report]

>>fg-RLSOAF0Z hot

Anonymous 2021-07-30T02:52:53Z No. TD8RVRR9 [Report]

Gun feat. Mark Nadal - An open source cybersecurity protocol for syncing decentralized graph data >In this video I interview Mark Nadal, the creator and maintainer of Gun. He walks us through everything from the architecture of Gun to the philosophy behind it with real-time demos, diving deep into various pieces of how it all works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eo_7BxTrmc

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Text Editors Anonymous 2021-07-22T03:34:31Z No. fg-KCDX9CO4 [Report]

What text editors do my fedifellas use? I like vscode purely for the linters and autocomplete that are easy to setup. I like emacs a lot because its fast and fairly minimal, is there a way to setup the linters/autocomplete on emacs to get it similar to vscode? is there a better alternative than the two? (ideally something that doesn't use electron)

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Anonymous 2021-07-24T03:26:11Z No. fg-OXWAL9E9 [Report]

>>MA727BU3 i have and if you are telling me you use that to productively program or even fucking edit config i have no choice but to put you in a ward

Anonymous 2021-07-26T18:41:32Z No. 3NT5QROF [Report]

>>fg-UHPPDQNO no idea what this means but if you depend on gnu software to edit code you're beyond saving >>fg-6CVRJ3FE ed is actually pretty good once you get used to it

Anonymous 2021-07-28T17:47:41Z No. fg-WT4D3RWH [Report] >>fg-0HYSVUWX >>fg-KUA5FGV7

>>fg-KCDX9CO4 (OP) >What text editors do my fedifellas use? I just use vim, fairly boring answer. I like the keybinds and am very used to them, plus it is extensible. I am sure I do not need to explain why vim is cool. Wrote my entire dissertation in vim with latex. Here's something confusing, why is there a supposed "vim vs emacs" war, when they are not really comparable? vim is a text editor where as emacs is more like an ide with a text editor as just a part of it. Never used emacs though so maybe I'm just being dumb

Anonymous 2021-07-28T17:50:52Z No. fg-0HYSVUWX [Report]

>>fg-WT4D3RWH i dunno it's just a cuckchan /g/ elitist thing, they really aren't similar at all. (unless you're talking about workflow in comparison to the keybinds, etc)

Anonymous 2021-07-30T01:55:01Z No. fg-KUA5FGV7 [Report]

>>fg-WT4D3RWH >why is there a supposed "vim vs emacs" war Back in the day, they were the two major editors available to the Unix community, and they seemed diametrically opposed in their philosophy. The banter got heated at times, but it was mostly good fun. I don't think the war was ever that serious. These days, vim and emacs are the old grandpas of the editor world, and there's less reason for them to fight when the kids are going over to vscode.

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Mice Anonymous 2021-07-29T16:48:16Z No. fg-LM0826QG [Report]

Fedifellas, what mouse do you use? I want to get a new mouse but idk what to get, I want something that's wired, has no RGB and has the two little side buttons. >inb4 logitech Logitech mice are one of the ugliest fucking abominations on todays market for peripherals

Anonymous 2021-07-30T00:57:39Z No. fg-WF3NV7WD [Report]

>>fg-LM0826QG (OP) I have a razor viper and its pretty comfy, but I have big hands so its a little too small. Also if you buy it don't get the charging stand the one I got is a total piece of shit and I gotta fight with it to charge right

Anonymous 2021-07-30T02:50:41Z No. fg-SMMPCM5M [Report]

>>fg-LM0826QG (OP) >Logitech mice are one of the ugliest fucking abominations on todays market for peripherals Why care about the looks of a mouse more than how well it functions

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Anonymous 2021-01-19T00:05:04Z No. fg-B9ADF187 [Report]

Is technology good for you?

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Anonymous 2021-06-11T17:28:45Z No. fg-TLA6BX3U [Report]

>>fg-DCZBDXA5 look around at all the technology you use you think you would be better without it? I'm not talking about the coom tech but the kind that adds value to your life. I don't believe Amish people have the better life they are just scared of their impulses.

Anonymous 2021-06-11T22:27:14Z No. fg-6LAVZXB4 [Report] >>fg-7EF4BWFQ

>>fg-B9ADF187 (OP) May the new era of Sexbots liberate man from the chains of modern society !

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Anonymous 2021-06-12T21:59:09Z No. fg-7EF4BWFQ [Report]

>>fg-6LAVZXB4 ...and restrain man anew with the chains of carnal desire

Anonymous 2021-07-07T13:17:03Z No. fg-DAU72RDG [Report]

>>fg-B9ADF187 (OP) no

Anonymous 2021-07-29T15:10:10Z No. fg-DA11WXS1 [Report]

>>fg-299SNTEP https://nitter.net/dulctdoll/status/1329206403441905664

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Anonymous 2021-07-28T16:27:37Z No. 37O0HADZ [Report]

>array of code why can't my code be array'd?

File Ghidra.png (156354)
Anonymous 2021-07-29T07:31:24Z No. L5E9QZ99 [Report]

>>37O0HADZ (OP) I wanna fuck a dragon


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