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Anonymous 2021-07-12T16:06:53Z No. YNYYDRCI [Report]

can someone actually tell me what happened with monero without sounding like a retarded counter-shill? what is this embezzlement shit?

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Anonymous 2021-08-12T20:42:53Z No. fcc-N910DYQ8 [Report]

>>FDQ56GKP im saying what is underlined is not even relevant at all

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Anonymous 2021-08-24T18:55:21Z No. Z1BAZFQJ [Report]

south african jail bussy bait umu

Anonymous 2021-09-08T21:34:22Z No. IZM99Q8D [Report]

the monero ecosystem has began collapsing from the tech debt and internal petty drama. this pleases me and I will enjoy watching it burn. they alienated so many people that everyone will cheer for it. the future you chose.

Anonymous 2021-09-18T17:36:40Z No. fcc-WQ5LK58G [Report]

>>RFSCA1PW what would a currency invented in 2014 have to do with Fluffypony stealing cookies from Africans in 2011?

Anonymous 2021-09-21T17:19:22Z No. fcc-QXJG9TVH [Report]

Remember when oxen was over $2 lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololi

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Anonymous 2021-09-20T16:34:05Z No. fcc-50RZUQ3R [Report]

i have a fetish for an impending market crash. my nipples get hard anytime i get a wiff things will go sideways and crash. do you think our current climate of the crypto/stock market is healthy or is it at maximum inflation and will pop soon? you see it everywhere people are making money like its nothing. never before could people generate wealth by pure speculation and investing with no actual business plan. everyone has turned into an investor and not a business creator. are we week, months, years from the biggest market crash of our time or is there still inflating to be had? I hope its months but i have a feeling it will be years before anything dramatic happens.

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Anonymous 2021-09-18T21:10:41Z No. fcc-K299PTPK [Report]


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Anonymous 2021-08-20T20:24:46Z No. fcc-WED3JUKD [Report]

Is this /biz/ without bots?

Anonymous 2021-08-21T20:35:37Z No. D7RAJ46R [Report]

>>fcc-WED3JUKD (OP) this is /biz/ without the reddit

File: ecfecd53ec61da2456995571434bc44a4711bb37a9ab86b5290f78544c123f84.PNG(95306)
Satoshi Has No Clothes: Failures in On-Chain Privacy by Ian Miers (Devcon4) Anonymous 2021-08-13T15:04:47Z No. TRWX7EPO [Report]


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Anonymous 2021-07-09T14:57:12Z No. fcc-M2JUY6ZB [Report]

what's the best exchange to buy monero that also gives me the private keys?

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Anonymous 2021-07-25T21:31:09Z No. fcc-83YXO36V [Report]

I haven't used it but you can buy Monero using Bisq. Need Buttcoin though.

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Anonymous 2021-07-30T05:38:47Z No. QMLJ3O3X [Report] >>8FNF8Y2V


Anonymous 2021-08-09T10:36:58Z No. fcc-AVSKKF6A [Report]

>>fcc-M2JUY6ZB (OP) Atomic wallet is not bad.

Anonymous 2021-08-10T16:12:50Z No. fcc-9O75GGT1 [Report]

>>fcc-M2JUY6ZB (OP) LocalMonero. Make sure you pay via mail/in person with cash and make sure you register account on Tor address.

Anonymous 2021-08-13T14:57:48Z No. 8FNF8Y2V [Report]

>>QMLJ3O3X you can transfer it to a wallet you control afterwards, actual retard

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BTC HATE THREAD Anonymous 2021-05-26T18:46:55Z No. fcc-QP30CUQ8 [Report]

I hate BTC so fucking much I hope it crashes to 0

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Anonymous 2021-05-27T00:23:24Z No. fcc-K43L0TGU [Report] >>fcc-2T4RSWKA

>>fcc-QP30CUQ8 (OP) Only thing that would do this is if it's hacked.

Anonymous 2021-05-27T01:04:30Z No. fcc-2T4RSWKA [Report] >>fcc-5T4MZK7G

>>fcc-K43L0TGU What happens when Adam Back cashes out his genesis coins? If he (Sataoshi aka Adam) moves any of the original BTC the entire thing will come crumbling down.

Anonymous 2021-06-24T00:26:25Z No. fcc-RMT3NNVL [Report]

>>fcc-QP30CUQ8 (OP) John McAfee did not kill himself

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Anonymous 2021-07-23T03:41:45Z No. fcc-25GM56ZD [Report]

>I hate BTC so fucking much I hope it crashes to 0

Anonymous 2021-07-26T19:05:01Z No. fcc-5T4MZK7G [Report]

>>fcc-2T4RSWKA Who's to say (s)he's cashing out? (S)he's probably waiting on Bitcoin becoming an accepted currency. That or (hopefully) another crypto, in which case (s)he will cash out to that crypto.

File: NSA1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqkZdGXfzOPVSbO-9sH583REE4sO2pgascOsfutF1HTaY.jpg(555018)
Anonymous 2021-05-27T00:27:48Z No. fcc-37S9BI8W [Report]

Nakamoto SAtoshi Nicolas van SAberhagen N SA

Anonymous 2021-07-02T20:08:56Z No. E36X82IV [Report]

yes we know, bitcoin was made by NSA. it makes even more sense when you take into account the use of NIST p256

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Anonymous 2021-07-23T03:40:00Z No. fcc-QC2BB089 [Report]


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